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The purpose of this page is to provide information, If two SAP GUI versions for windows can be installed on one PC.


Only one version of SAP GUI is possible.

SAP GUI for Windows uses the Microsoft Controls technology, which means that all controls are registered locally during the installation. As a result, the system database contains an entry indicating where each control can be found. Since the system always registers the latest controls, only the most recently installed version of a control is available at any time.

This means that on a single computer only one version of SAP GUI for Windows can be installed. During installation of a new SAP GUI release, any older SAP GUI release present on the computer is uninstalled. However, SAP GUI for Windows supports virtualization products which can be used to run multiple SAP GUI versions on the same client in parallel if needed; for details see SAP note 66971.

Virtualization products and SAP GUI for Windows

Note the following: The following information applies to SAP GUI for Windows and not to other SAP components or products (see for more information).

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