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This wiki page will cover in detail the various issues with regards to connectivity that can occur with SAP GUI for Windows and the backend servers.
The issues can involve the following components: BC-NET, BC-CST, BC-FES-GUI, BC-SEC-SNC.
The page is targeted to help customers with preliminary testing and to open incidents in the correct component, if required, based on the error message received.

Image/data in this page and subsequent pages is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.

Traces that can be collected



  1. Set the User Variable "DPTRACE" with the Value 3 on your PC -> Control Panel -> System -> advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables -> in User variables press New and

  set   DPTRACE with Value 3

2. Follow Note 2291168-Tutorial "How to create a SAP Logon trace" [VIDEO] .    Start the SAP Logon for Windows and press there the ALT + Space Bar key on your Keyboard and click on Options

- open the Node "Traces"

- switch to the Subnode "SAP GUI Traces" and mark the last Checkbox "Level 3:..."

- click on the button "Apply" and confirm the next popup with "OK"

3.  Follow note 2291208- - Tutorial "How to create a SAP GUI trace" [VIDEO] Switch to the Subnode " SAP Logon Traces" and mark the last Checkbox "Error, warning, monitor, detailed output, and time stamp

- click on the button "Apply" and confirm the next Popup with "yes"

- SAP Logon will close

When SAP Logon is started the loading of the SAPUILandscape.xml is done and that is traced because of DP_trace=3. Once SAP Logon is started and a connection is double clicked, till the login screen appears the trace is captured by the “ SAP Logon Trace” “Error, warning, monitor, detailed output and timestamp”. Once user enter the login and password and press enter the SAP GUI trace takes over.

Known issues

This is the sample settings used at the SAP Logon to simulate the issues that are discussed in the subsequent pages.

IssuesDescriptionlink to wiki page
Issue 1Hostname unknown
Issue 2Partner … not reached
Issue 3Logon group not found
Issue 4SNC configured at SAP GUI but not at the SAP server
Issue 5SNC error message “Actual server name differs from requested one.”
Issue 6SNC certificate on the backend has expired (precise error message to be captured)
Issue 7“connection broken” (i.e., after already logged on)
Issue 8All users are unable to connect to a specific SAP system.
Issue 9'internal error (this retcode should be handled by caller of DPTM-layer)’
Issue 10“Don’t accept certificate based key exchange”
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