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... in one of our Patches. Therefore:

Before opening a support ticket or going further in the technical troubleshooting itself, ensure that CLIENT and SERVER is up to date:


Test and reproduce the issue with the latest version:

Version of Desktop Client

Direct link to latest Patch

Patch level descriptions

 SAP BC 7.0

SAP Note 2744024

SAP BC 7.70 Note 2978200

SERVER side:

For both: HTML and Desktop Client it is important to run on the most current NWBC Runtime Environment (SERVER side).

  • follow SAP Note 1353538 to achieve this. 

Especially important to update NWBC runtime if:

      • problem/fix is mentioned already in PL SAP Note 1353538
      • Your NWBC runtime PL is rather old.
        • compare that with the most current PL mentioned in SAP Note 1353538
          • rule of thumb: PL should not be older than current-2
  •  You cannot apply the server side Notes?
      • either your SAP_BASIS version does not meet the minimum level
      • or you run against the portal - ABAP patches are not applicable