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This article will show you how to test the Oracle database connection from SAP system.


In case of SAP system was failed to startup with unknown reason. You can follow the methods below to troubleshoot if the problem caused by database connection or not.


1. For the ABAP stack system, you can execute the command: “R3trans –dx” under OS user <sid>adm to test if the database connection is working fine.  


If the R3trans finished with return code (0000), it means the database connection is connected without error.


If the R3trans finished with return code (0012), it means the database connection is not connected successfully. In this case, please check the trans.log for any database error.


Please note:

The trans.log which will be generated under the current the directory you execute this command.


2. For Java stack system, please follow SAP note 867176, point 8 to test if the database connection is connected using the JDBC under OS user <sid>adm. Also, you can use this method to determine the JDBC driver version installed in your system.




      java -classpath <path to driver>/<driver filename>;. JdbcCheckup


      java -classpath <path to driver>/<driver filename>:. JdbcCheckup


Please note:

  • The location and driver name (<path to driver>/<driver filename>) is set in property rdbms. driverLocation under the file. This file generally stored under directory /usr/sap/<SID> /JC|DVEBMGS/j2ee/configtool (UNIX) and  <DRIVE>:\usr\sap\<SID> \JC|DVEBMGS\j2ee\... (Windows).
  • The program request the information needed to connect to the database ( username, password, TNSNAME entry, hostname and listener port ). The required information can be found on the Secure Store in ConfigTool:

-       jdbc/pool/ME1/User

-       jdbc/pool/ME1/Password

-       jdbc/pool/ME1/Url (DB server, port, SID are here)



If the database connection is successful, it will return status “Connected”. The JDBC driver version in your system is


If the database connection is unsuccessful, it will return status “Exception in thread “main” java.sql.SQLException” with error code, example: ORA-01017.


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