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This page explains the process for early lot inspection.


<Master data settings>

MM01 - Create a material and activate the inspection type 04. Set the indicator "Control insLot" to "Y Early lot creation for the order item".

QP01 - Create an inspection plan with usage 5.

CS01 - Create BOM

CA01 - Create routing

<Inspection lot creation process>

  1. CO01 - Create a production order for the material.
  2. CO02 - Release the production order. An early lot should be created at release.
  3. QA03 - Display the inspection lot created from order release. Note that the status SPRQ is missing and the actual lot quantity is 0.

  4. MIGO - Post partial GR to the production order.
  5. QA03 - Display the inspection lot again. Note that the status SPRQ is set and the actual lot quantity increased by GR quantity.
  6. Check tables QAMB and MSEG

<What happens if inspection stock is transferred to another storage location by QAC2>

      1. QAC2 - Transfer the inspection stock from sloc 0001 to another storage location 0002.
      2. MIGO - Post GR to the original storage location 0001. A new inspection lot is generated.
      3. QA03 - Display the newly generated inspection lot
      4. Check tables QAMB, MSEG, QALS

      5. HINT :


      A new inspection lot will be generated because one inspection lot only corresponds to one storage location. 

<What happens if usage decision is made before full GR is posted>

  1.  QA11 - Post QI stock to unrestricted use.
  2. MIGO - Post new GR to order to sloc 0002. The stock is posted to unrestricted use automatically.
  3. QA03 - Display the inspection lot. The actual lot quantity is not increased.

<Suggested process>

  1. Avoid making a usage decision for this type of early inspection lot before any goods receipts have been posted. 
  2. Make a usage decision after full goods receipt is posted for the order. 

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