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SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR) is SAP's platform for authoring tool integration such as CAD integration. It is available for SAP ECC 6.0 EHP5+ and also SAP S/4HANA.

On a high level the architecture of SAP Engineering Control Center looks like the following:

  • There is a authoring tool (CAD System) installed on the front end computer.
  • A plugin brings menu items, ribbon and other UI elements into the authoring tool.
  • The plugin also communicates with the local ECTR client to exchange files, meta data and structural information.
  • ECTR itself establishes the communication to the SAP Backend (S/4HANA or ECC6.0) and to the SAP Content Server.

Based on SAP Engineering Control Center currently several authoring tools are directly integrated. You can find the complete list here.

SAP Engineering Control Center offers interfaces which also allow to develop further authoring tool integrations.
The so called ECTR Connector is a frontend component and sits in between the authoring tool plug-in and the SAP Engineering Control Center frontend:

The basic concept is to transfer CAD hierarchies into Bill of Documents and then derive the Bill of Material.

Authoring tools which are integrated into SAP ECTR


The roadmap for SAP Engineering Control Center can be found here.

API Documentation

For more details about the interface of the SAP ECTR Connector please read the API Documentation.


Additionally you can find more information about the SAP Engineering Control Center in it's official documentation