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The following is Part 1 of the highest rated KBA's in 2016 in the PLM & MAN areas.

If you would like to sort by KBA# or Component, you can do so using the header column sorting function.


KBA #Application Component KBA Description
1508647PM-MRPMRP does not consider the quota arrangement
1547034CA-CL-CHRHow are characteristic values updated in table AUSP?
1619751PM-ISDatabase deadlocks on S061 and S062 tables
1633178PS-STIncorrect business area assigned to Project
1655498PM-WOC-MOIW31/IW32: Operation/work center selection pop up not working as expected
1666702IS-ADEC-BOQSyntax Error occurs when using BS01_MM_QUOTATION_CREATE
1692221PP-SFC-CONNo automatic batch determination for components during production order/process order confirmation
1697703PP-MRP-PEMD04/MD05: Change or create new exception messages
1701865PM-WOC-MMDYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION dump when opening a notification
1701988LO-BM-BICBMBC: Not all characteristics are displayed in the selection result screen
1725931CA-CLError CL 528
1727166LO-MD-MMDuring execution of the transaction MMAM the system issues error message "Costings for the material must first be archived"
1752513CA-CLError CL551 occurs in transaction code MM02
1776363PPM-PFMCannot remove assignment of an Item to an Initiative
1794796PP-MRP-PRPlanning calendar is not considered in rescheduling check of MD04
1801358LO-MD-MMMsg MG 160 raised changing 'Mat. statistics group' field with transactions MASS / MM17 or per ALE
1806635PS-STDuplicate entry error
1813559LO-MD-MMCash Discount Flag automatically set in the Material Master
1825187PP-MRP-PRMD04/MD05: Incorrect quantity for an MRP element
1830118CA-DMS-RTVCV04N - Result list does not show all document info records
1832772QM-IMQuality inspection lot number skip
1853950QM-IM-RRSample size displays 32,767 in transaction code QE11
1888213PS-IS-DATValues with "Object currency" are displayed incorrectly in PS reports
1890440PP-MRP-PRMaterials are not planned by MRP
1895951PP-CRP-SCHOrder dates and factory calendar
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