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In DMS sometime it may happen that this error message 26172 is raised if you try to display one of your original files. But normally it is hard to get an idea why this kind of error is raised because there could be several reasons.


To get more information why this error is raised you can set a breakpoint in the function module 'SCMS_HTTP_GET_FILE' at

The triggered function module 'SCMS_HTTP_GET' is filled with the content repository ID (crep_id) and the Document ID (doc_id) first. By checking the parameter 'sy-subrc' after comming back from module 'SCMS_HTTP_GET, you can see which exceptions is triggered.

Main Program     SAPLSCMS_HTTP                                       
Source code of   LSCMS_HTTPU18                                       
FUNCTION         SCMS_HTTP_GET_FILE                                  
* getting directly from frontend failed - try using gui connection   
  call function 'SCMS_HTTP_GET'                                         
            mandt                 = mandt                            
            crep_id               = crep_id                          
            doc_id                = doc_id                           
            comp_id               = comp_id                          
            signature             = signature                        
            length                = -1                               
            no_cache              = no_cache                         
            length                = size                             
            mimetype              = mimetype                         
            charset               = charset                          
            version               = version                          
            data                  = data                             
            bad_request           = 1                                
            unauthorized          = 2                                
            not_found             = 3                           
            conflict              = 4                                
            internal_server_error = 5                                
            error_http            = 6                                
            error_url             = 7                                
            error_signature       = 8                                
            others                = 9.                               
  if sy-subrc <> 0.                          << set breakpoint here

In case the parameter 'sy-subrc' is filled for example with value '2' then please check the security related settings for your content repository. If the value '3' is returned this indicates that the original file is not available on the content server. Then you should check if there were some changes in the content repository settings regarding the server data.

So this information should be useful to get an idea why error 26172 is raised and the following link shows the single steps as a video in detail:

Another option to get more information without debugging you can use the application log in transaction SLG1. Here you will come to the following initial selection screen.

On this screen you have two ways to get related entries to error message 26 253. The first way would be to enter term "SDOK" to field "Object". This will list up all entries which have a relation to content server problems. This could also be relevant for other issues with stored original files like 26 172 - Reason for this error for example. 

The second selection option would be to use simply the userID of the colleague who has just simulated the error message 26 253. Both ways should lead to a result list that looks like the following image.

Even if the entry shows a green icon on the left, expand the entry and double click on the below line "Problem....." to get the longtext and details icon which you can see above. The more important information now is the one behind the marked details icon. A double-click here brings up the above pop-up that finally shows very technical information. However the line "ERRMSG" normally shows you what is causing the problem. In the above scenario the reason seems to be that the choosen category "DMSLFH" is not setup correctly. This is a situation where you should check the setup in transactions OAC0 and OACT. 


As mentioned above there are several reasons that could lead to this error message 26 253 and so it is not possible to provide one solution note. To find a solution it is necessary that you try to get the background information using the above explained options. However the following additional checks are always good to consider:

  • Is the storage location (e.g. Content Server) online and the connection working.
  • Is the file download working if you use report DMS_KPRO_READ and store the file in directory C:\temp for example?

Based on the above mentioned exceptions in the coding there are different SAP support components that could be ask for further assistance. Because in most of the reported scenarios the final reason is not in the coding of the SAP document management system but maybe due to content server or connection problems.