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The error "26 296 - An error occurred while creating the original attribute" could be raised when document info records (DIR) are created or changed and an original file is involved as well.


Mainly there are two known situation where this kind of error is raised and these are

  • Creation of new DIR with attached file in transaction CV01N
    In this scenario normally a file must be attached as well. With the shipment of the enhancement packages (EHP) for release SAP ECC 6.0 the error 26 296 was reported first for the creation process of document info records (DIR) in transaction CV01N. For simulating the error the user has to execute the following steps:
  1. Goto transaction CV01N
  2. Create a new document info record
  3. Attach an original file
  4. Checkin this file
  5. Save the document info record

When the saving process is triggered first the error message "26 296 - An error occured while creating the original attribute" is raised and then a dump appears with header information like displayed below

  • Edit existing DIR in transaction CV02N
    In this scenario you do not have to add or edit a file. This could also appear when you just do any change (e.g. switch status) and SAVE. The most often reported steps are:
    1. Goto transaction CV02N
    2. Open a DIR with an attached original
    3. Change the status of the DIR
    4. Save the changes

    Now the error "26 296 - An error occurred while creating the original attribute" is raised.


As there are two scenarios where the error could appear, there are also two sources documented for this error message.

  • Creation of DIR with attached file in transaction CV01N
    If the first scenario happens and error 26 296 and the dump "TABLE_FREE_IN_LOOP" is raised in transaction CV01N during the creation of a document info record, then the reason is mainly due to missing DMS related entries in table SDOKPROP. Another indicator for this scenario is that already checked in originals are no longer visible in other document info records.


  • Edit existing DIR in transaction CV02N
    In case you edit an existing document info record and error 26 296 is raised when saving, this is caused by inconsistencies in the table DMS_DOC2LOIO most of the times. Such an inconsistency could happen if there was some problem with the connection to the content server when the file was checked in for example. Unfortunately until now no customer was able to provide us with reproducible sample steps that create such an inconsistency.


Of course there are also two ways to avoid this kind of error based on which scenario you are facing.

  • Creation of DIR with attached file in transaction CV01N
    In this scenario the first steps would be to check table SDOKPROP for the existing DMS related entries. This can be done with transaction SE16 and the value "DMS*" in the field Attribute (PROP_NAME). The below screenshot shows the selection and complete result list (22 hits):

    If there are less than 22 hits in your system then you have to add the missing entries manually via transaction SE16 or SE16N or you can use the report ZSDOKPROP_UPDATE attached to the SAP note 1400866. When all entries are available and without typing mistake the error 26 296 should not longer be raised in CV01N and also all the other files in the existing document info records get visible again.

  • Edit existing DIR in transaction CV02N

    If the error is raised when editing a document info record the confirmation and correction of the inconsistency is a bit more difficult. Therefore the following steps are recommended:

    1. Note down the document info record data (number, type, part and version).
    2. Goto transaction SE38.
    3. Execute report DMS_KPRO_READ.
    4. Enter the document data.
    5. Press "Execute" to get the LOIO-, PHIO- and FILE-ID of the attached original files.
      In this result screen you might already see an inconsistent entry if there is only a single line for a LOIO-ID. This already shows an inconsistent entry.
    6. Copy these IDs and the storage category for further processing.
    7. Goto transaction OACT to find the related content repository for the affected storage category.
    8. Goto transaction SE38 again.
    9. Execute report DMS_KPRO_CHECK1.
      !! Before please read the SAP notes 368035 and 906266 about this report!!
    10. Enter the related content repository in the corresponding field of the selection screen.
    11. Further you can decide which kind of consistency check you would like to execute. In this case it is the best to execute both selections for determine the inconsistency

    12. Press "Execute" to start the selection process.
    13. In the result depending on the selected "Checking Options" the inconsistent PHIO- or LOIO-IDs are displayed.
    14. Use the previous noted IDs from report DMS_KPRO_READ to search in the result list.

    If the ID is included in the result list this confirm the existence of an inconsistency for this specific original file and document info record which causes error 26 296. To correct this inconsistency you have to tick the checkbox for this entry and delete it by using the deletion icon. As this action will result in the final deletion of the original file data it is not recommended to delete all the found entries by report DMS_KPRO_CHECK1 at once.

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