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Note: Not all transactions listed below affect variant configuration drectly. Certain transactions are to be used 
as assistance to better understand the environment the configuration is taking place in.


CU01Create Single Dependency
CU02Change  Single Dependency
CU03Display  Single Dependency
CU04Dependency List
CU05Dependency Where-Used List
CU21Create Dependency Net
CU22Change Dependency Net
CU23Display Dependency Net
CU31Create Knowledge-Base Object
CU32Change Knowledge-Base Object
CU33Display Knowledge-Base Object
CU34Create Runtime Version
CU35Change Runtime Version
CU36Display/Export Runtime Version
CU37Create SCE Database Schema on PC
CU41Create Configuration Profile
CU42Change Configuration Profile
CU43Display Configuration Profile
CU44Configured Object - Material
CU45Configured Object - Standard Network
CU50Configuration Simulation
CU59Transfer Table Contents to Database Table
CU60Maintain Table Contents
CU60EExcel upload for variant table contents
CU61Create Table Structure
CU62Change Table Structure
CU63Display Table Structure
CU64List Table Structure
CU65Create Function
CU66Change Function
CU67Change Function
CU68List Function
CU80Characteristics and Values Reporting



PMEVCModeling Environment for Variant Configuration
CUTABLEINFOContent of database relevant to configuration of objects


Engineering Change Management

CC01Create Change Number
CC02Change Change Number
CC03Display Change Number
CCUNDOUndo Change Number
CC04Product Structure
CC05Change Overview Reporting
CC06Trace On/Off
CC07Information System Reporting
CC11Create Material Revision Level
CC12Change Material Revision Level
CC13Display Material Revision Level
CC15Change Document Revision Level
CC16Display Document Revision Level
CC22Change Object Management Record
CC23Display Object Management Record
CC60Change Hierarchy Reporting
CCADDelete Archive Data
CCARRead Archive Data
CCAAArchiving Management
CCTMMaintain Standard Variant
CCZUAssign Material to Profile
DSALLog for Figital Signature Reporting
AUT03Configuration of Logging
AUT05Deletion of Long Texts
AUT10Evaluation of Audit Trail
S_AUT03Audit Trail Configuration (Logging)
S_AUT05Delete Long Texts
S_AUT10Audit Trail Analysis (Logging)



VK30Define Key
VK11Create Condition
VK12Change Condition
VK13Display Condition
VK14Create with Template



CLHPGraphical Hierarchy Maintenance
CL20NAssign Object to Classes
CL24NAssign Objects/Classes to Class
CL22NAssign Class to Superior Classes
CL26Mass Release of Assignments
CLMMMass Change for Assigned Values
CL30NFind Objects in Classes
CL31Find Object In Class Type
CT10Characteristics List
CT12Where-Used List for Characteristics/Characteristic Values
CT25Where-Used List of Chars in Dependencies with any Status
CL6ANClass List
CL6DClasses Without Superior Class
CL6CClass Hierarchy
CL6BNObject List
CL6OObject Comparison
CL2AClassification Status
CL6EApply DIN Standard
CL6FApply Characteristics Data
CL6GMaterial from Standard
CLSTCreate Statistics
CLGTSet Up Tables for Search



MM01Create Material Immediately
MM02Change Material Immediately
MM03Display Current Material
MM04Display Active Changes
MM06Flag for Deletion Immediately
MM11Create Schedule
MM12Change Schedule
MM13Activate Schedule
MM14Scheduled Changes 
MM19Display at Key Date



MSC1NCreate Batch
MSC2NChange Batch
MSC3NDisplay Batch
MSC4NDisplay Changes



ME21NCreate Purchase Order - Vendor/Supplying   Plant Known
ME22NChange Purchase Order
ME23NDisplay Purchase Order
ME24Maintain Supplement
ME25Create Purchase Order - Vendor Unknown
ME58Create Purchase Order Via Requesition Assignment List
ME59NCreate Purchase Order Automatically via Purchase Requsitions
MIGOGoods Receipt
MIROLogistics Invoice Verification 


Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

MD01Total Planning Online 
MD03Single-Item, Single Level Planning
MD04Stock/Requirements List
MD05MRP List - Material
MD06MRP List - Collective Display
MD07Stock/Requirements: Collective Display
MD08Reorganize MRP Lists
MD09Pegged Requirements
MDBTTotal Planning As Background Job
MD11Create Planned Order
MD12Change Planned Order
MD13Individual Display
MD14Individual Conversion
MD15Collective Conversion
MD16Collective Display



VA01Create Order
VA02Change Order
VA03Display Order
VA31Create Scheduling Agreement
VA32Change Scheduling Agreement
VA33Display Scheduling Agreement
VL01NOutbound Delivery
VA41Create Contract
VA42Change Contract
VA43Display Contract
VACBAdvanced Order Processing and Billing
CK51NCreate Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK53NDisplay Order BOM Cost Estimate
VF01Create Billing Document
VF02Change Billing Document
VF03Display Billing Document
VF04Process Billing Due List
VF06Background Processing
VF07Display From Archive
VF11Cancel Billing Document


Bill of Material (BOM)

CS01Create Material BOM
CS02Change Material BOM
CS03Display Material BOM
CS05Change BOM Group
CS06Display BOM Group
CS07Create Plant Assignment
CS08Change Plant Assignment
CS09Display Plant Assignment
CS11Material BOM Level by Level
CS12Material Multilevel BOM
CS13Material Summarized BOM
CS40Create Assignment of Configurable Material
CS41Change Assignment of Configurable Material
CS42Display Assignment of Configurable Material
CSMBMaterial BOM Browser
CS61Create Order BOM
CS62Change Order BOM
CS63Display Order BOM
CU51Maintain (Multilevel) Order BOM
CU52Display (Multilevel) Order BOM
CSKBOrder Browser
CSK1Order BOM Level by Level
CSK2Order Multilevel BOM
CSK3Order Summarized BOM
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