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Question or Problem

When an ECTR installation is updated to, the BackendConfig contains only a configuration for an older ECTR version. (Which is ok (tick) )
If ECTR is started as admin, the DTypes are read from the installation directory and not from the BackendConfig directory! (Which is wrong (error) )

Admins of with and BackendConfig - feature active will use a wrong Dtype configuration until a new configuration file is uploaded.

This affects only ECTR - admins. The user (without /DSCSAG/ADMIN auth.) does not notice this, the BackendConfig of the old version is still loaded from the configuration directory.

If the admin uses the workaround described here, the user will load then the new BackendConfig.


Causes or Possible Causes

Admin uploads false dtypes into BackendConfig which leads to faulty behavior of all installations. 


Known Workarounds and Solutions

  • The configuration directory should contain the previously used configuration (e.g. from ECTR_CONF_5.1.15.0 / ECTR_CONF_5.1.15.1 / ECTR_CONF_5.1.15.2 / ECTR_CONF_5.1.15.3)
  • The admin must ensure that the ECNFG Dtype is set correctly in the installation directory. (check document type e.g. AUX)
  • Then upload the configuration, a DIR is created for ECTR_CONF_5.1.16.0.
    • The content is derived correct from the configuration directory (although the running ECTR instance has the DTypes from the installation directory)
    • The ECTR_CONF_5.1.16.0 DIR is defined according to the installation directory
  • Now you can work as usual with BackendConfig via the configuration directory


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