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Follow the SAP note 1502999 and do the allowlist configuration. The allowlist name which is used for MS Project integration is hardcoded to "DEFAULT", so ensure to name your allowlist DEFAULT (and not with a different name). 

With transaction ACF_WHITELIST_SETUP or WDR_ACF_WLIST the certificate can be installed.

  • Install the certificate on local system.
  • Make sure that you have complete authorization (Read & Write) for the folder path you mentioned in "Whitelist".
  • Make sure the ACF version is the latest. Usually when you are doing 1st time importing or exporting system gives pop up asking for ACF version. The other way is you can installation on your own also. You can get latest ACF from SAP marketplace download.

With transaction WDR_ACF_GEN_CERT a certificate can be created and transported to other systems.

The corresponding customizing can be found under: spro > SAP NetWeaver > UI Technologies > Web Dynpro ABAP

Additional Information is available in:
SAP Note 1706291 WD ABAP: Configuration of ACF allowlist
SAP Note 2055255 Troubleshooting ACF Applet
KBA 2258719 Error message "MSProject: security list is invalid" when exporting or importing a project

The check of allowlist is done in class CL_IOS_PROJECT, IF_IOS_PROJECT~SET_WHITELIST.

The SAP Cryptographic Library (SAPCryptolib) must be installed and configured correctly. SAP Notes Nr. 1502999 and Nr. 800240 provide information about the installation and configuration of SAPCryptolib. The latter note includes report ZSSF_TEST_PSE which can be used to analyse the configuration (if your SAP_BASIS release level supports this).

How to find out the ACF version?
Refer the SAP Note 1481194.

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