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The purpose of this page is to provide an insight into article master related tables. 


There are only marginal difference between the data structure of a material and an article. The reason of the main difference is that there are some retail specific fields and the reference handling.

Retail specific data

Retail specific fields are stored in the table MAW1.

Moreover, you can find the listing data in the table WLK1 and the main POS control data in the table WLK2. For article master texts per unit of measure please check the table MAMT (with text-ID = 02 for POS related texts).

Vendor-specific EANs are also a retail speciality related to variant articles. These are stored in table MLEA.

Layout assignments can be found in table MALG.

Table TVKOV Org. Unit: Distribution Channels per Sales Organization

Reference handling

To be able to define which data can be copied through and where differenced can be found the table MABW has been introduced.

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