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Summary :

In test clients inspection plans may not exists for all the materials, and all  plan usages. Without this master data, Inspection lot cannot be processed. This can be a huge distraction during the  testing. User must create inspection plan before lot can be processed.

The method outlined here automatically selects default inspection plan whenever inspection plan data is missing,  allowing inspection lot to be processd further.

This process can only be used where inspection is performed using inspection plan.

Procedure -

1. Create a dummy material.

2. Create and assign default inspection plan to this material

   We will use this inspection plan for assignment when inspection plan is missing

3. Activate userexit : EXIT_SAPLQPAP_001 

   This Exit is activated after SAP reads the inspection plan data

4. If SAP can find Unique inspection plan, the table ‘t_plmk’ and ‘t_qapo’ would be    populated.

5. Check if tables t_plmk and t_qapo are empty, if yes

   select inspection plan for dummy material.  add these entries in the table

6. If you need more control on how and when default inspection plan is selected.

     Maintain custom table


Inspection  type

Material type

Material group

Order type

Inspection plan material
















      In User exit Select inspection plan material  based on table data

 7. During transaction, SAP will automatically assign default inspection plan

      If needed, User can change the plan using QAC3

uses :

1. In test client - where all inspection plans may not be available

2. Use with generic specification.

For example for all materials in groups "chemical", you want to have default inspection plan.

 You can assign all materials to the inspection plan header or insptead use process described here.  This process will save time in allocating material to plan and also work automatically  even when new materials are added to this material group.

3. As a compliment to QP07 transaction. 

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