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Introduce Availability Control Calculation in Projects.


Availability control compares the current distributed budget (or release) with the assigned value.
The Assigned Value can be difficult to reproduce due to the individual settings in Customizing and business background.
The assigned value which is displayed in cost reports (called passive availability) quite often does not match the assigned value of the active availability. This is due to the fact that the reports do not take in the logic of the active availability control. Only the assigned value displayed in the budget transactions are relevant for active availability control.
Below is a guideline of the logic behind the Assigned Value calculation. The customizing of your system can affect how your active availability control calculates.

The Assigned Value, basic logic in projects, is calculated as follows (as stated by SAP):  

  Actual costs and statistical actual costs on the WBS element in question:
       Actual costs and statistical actual costs of subordinate WBS elements if
       these do not have a budget, that is to say, if they do not have 'budgeted' status.

  Commitment on the WBS element in question:
       Commitment of subordinate WBS elements, if they do not have a budget, that 
       is, if they do not have the 'budgeted' status.

  Maximum from plan and the total from actual costs + commitment for assigned networks, network activities or orders. (The plan value "reserves" the budget on the WBS element. Therefore this budget cannot be consumed by another network, network activity, order or WBS element). Here, the precise logic depends on the status of the assigned network, network activity or order and on the Customizing settings.

In summary: In 'released' status, the assigned value always includes the maximum from the plan value and the sum of actual and commitment. In 'Created' status, the plan value is included in the assigned value if the 'Funds commitment in plan' indicator is set (Transaction OPSV) in Customizing for the network type/order type.  
    Exception: Planned costs of networks or network activities that are used for forecasts are never included in the assigned value.
                     In status 'Technically complete', 'Complete' or 'Deletion flag', the plan value is never included in the
                     assigned value. The plan values of assigned networks are not taken into account for valuated project stock.
                     If you set the availability control to validation against annual values, the values planned at year level are
                     taken into account provided there is no overall plan value.

Debit through settlements to the WBS element  
Credit through settlement to a budget controlled object (for example WBS element, internal order).  
Parked documents (value type 60).  

The following does not contribute to the assigned value: Actual costs with cost element which were defined as an exempt cost element in Customizing of availability control (Transaction OPTK).  
 Note: If a cost element is assigned to a value category in PS Customizing for which the indicator 'Suppress' is set, then although the cost element is not incorporated into PS Reporting, it is     (logically) included in the assigned value of the availability control. The reason for this is that it should be possible - within the availability control on one hand (using exempt cost elements) and within the PS Reporting on the other (using value category with the 'Suppress' indicator) - to define cost elements independently of one another that should be ignored. 

Credits through settlement to a non-budget controlled object (for example cost center). Credits of assigned production orders through delivery. Revenues Note: Depending on whether or not a cost element or revenue element is assigned to a value category in PS Customizing, the value category settings decide if it concerns costs or revenues.

Plan values on WBS elements  
Plan values of attached orders to products of the sales order or project stock  
Funds commitment in the sales order or project stock (value type 11)  
Down payments (exception in statistical auxiliary account assignment to asset under construction) 

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