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CAD Integration

The CAD integration allows you to edit document-based structures using a CAD interface, both in the CAD system and from the SAP system. This enables you to manage the CAD files directly in SAP and leverage the design information (3D-geometrie, drawings, bill of materials, ...) for following processes like costing, sourcing, manufacturing, etc.

Main Benefits of the CAD Integration:

  • Process integration
  • Integrated into change and release process
  • Integrated into SAP Business Suite
  • Integrated Viewing Solution
  • Simultaneous Collaboration
  • "Single source of truth" for all participants
  • Location-spanning access to information
  • Real-time access to all relevant information
  • Same Integration for different CAD-Systems
  • Lower TCO
  • No additional Data Management System (Island) necessary
  • No additional system interfaces
  • No Data Redundancy
  • One central user management
  • Sold and supported by SAP

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1 Comment

  1. Unknown User (1056epa92)

    Hi Cristoph,

    We are working a CAD Intregation project on SAP Business One. I would like to know if the PLM is the right option for that. Also, If PLM into Business One support P&ID drawings.