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  • The CATS integration allows you to confirm project tasks or roles of Project Management Project directly in CATS. The time which is entered in CATS is then transferred to the task in Project Management and to the assigned cost collector.
  • CATS scenario only works when Accounting Integration is active in Project Management - either by using Internal order or PS integration.
    Details concerning the Accounting Integration process can you find under:
  • CATS confirmation must be activated in the Project Type of Project Management by activating parameter "Time/Travel Expenses Rec. CATS/SRM/FIN".

Steps in PPM-system to create the BP

  • Start transaction: BP
  • Press the button "Person" to create a new Business Partner
  • At least fill in a first and a last name for the Business Partner
  • Save your entries
  • The Business Partner now gets an automatically assigned Business Partner number, which you should remember.
  • Change the "Display in BP role" once to "Resource" and then back to "Business Partner (Gen.)". 
  • Save
  • Call SPRO > SAP Portfolio and project Management > Project Management > Resource Management > Business Partner > Employee Overview  
    or call transaction RPM_EMPDATA 
  • Search for your Business Partner 
  • Maintain information as Qualification, Location and Availability 
  • Make sure the Business Partner is assigned to a user


  • Start Report HR_sync_person in ERP-system. This report creates a new business partner in the employee role from newly- created employees or changes existing business partners according to the changes made to the employee data. (This is useful if ERP and cProjects are in same server.)

Steps in CATS-system (ERP-system)

  • In transaction CAC1 (settings for CATS entry profile) the parameter "From Project Assignment" must be activated.
  • In transaction CAC2 you can define the field selection for the worklist.

Steps in the CATS-system to get Personnel Number 

Call transaction PA40 

Fill in your Business Partner number as Personnel no. 

Select the "Personnel Action" "Hiring" and execute.

In the following Screens it is necessary to enter valid information that can be used to confirm times.

There must be a relationship between: Business partner and Personnel number.


To be able to use the integration between Project Management and CATS the ALE-connection must be set up. (BD64) Information are also available in See SAP Note 954860 and

Process Flow

  • A Project Management Project is created with Accounting Integration for PS-Project/Internal Order.
  • In the project a task is assigned to the Business Partner (and so to the Personnel number).
  • The Project Management Project is released.
  • The person can use transaction CAT2 in ERP-system to create a confirmation for the assigned task.
  • Starting report DPR_CATS_CPR_TRANSF will transfer the datas from ERP-system to PPM-system.
  • Then the datas are available on the task in Project Management.

The Screen shot showing one of the scenario:  CO_CPR_CATS

Troubleshooting and Debugging Guide and further Tips:

CATS Integration

Debugging Tips - CATS Integration 

Accounting Integration