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Tthe transaction CL20N allows users to assign materials to classes.

In the example below, the Material MAT_1 will be used which already has the class CLASS_1 assigned in the classification view in
the transaction MM02. Now the class CLASS_3 will be added and compared with the classification view of the transaction MM02.

When opening the transaction CL20N, the material which should be assigned to classes must be set and the class type.

As a comparison, the classification view of the material MAT_1 will be opened in the transaction MM02 to show the
present class assignment on the screenshot below:

As shown on the screenshot below in the transaction MM02, the class CLASS_1 is already assigned to the material MAT_1.

Going back to the transaction CL20N, after the material MAT_1 has been selected with class type 300
and enter was hit, the class CLASS_1 is displayed in the assignments window.


To assign a new class to the material, the "Insert Row" button has to be clicked which will allow new rows to be added.

Now the new class may be added that the object should be assigned to. In this example, the class CLASS_3 was added.


After the assignment has been saved, the result may be checked in the classification view of the material MAT_1 in the
transaction MM02.

As shown on the screenshot above, the object MAT_1 was successfully assigned to the class CLASS_3 .


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