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In the transaction CL22N users may assign classes to one or multiple superior classes.
The assigned class will be a subclass of the superior classes that it has been assigned to.

In this example, the class CLASS_2 will be assigned to the class CLASS_1, making CLASS_1
the superior class and CLASS_2 the subclass.

To assign a class to one or multiple superior classes, when the transaction CL22N is opened, the name of
the subclass must be entered first. In this case CLASS_2 .


When in edit mode, the Assignments box allows multiple classes to be assigned at the same time.


  • (Optional) When saved, the result may be checked in the transaction CL02 by opening the class CLASS_2 and opening

the menu "Environment → Product Structure"

in the Product Structure view, the Superior Classes row may be opened for the superior classes to be presented.


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