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The transaction CL6C allows the visual editing of class hierarchies with modelling functionalities, class assignments and deletion.
In this example the class CLASS_1 will be used which is assigned to a superior class CLASS_2. In the options of the search form,
the display option 'Superior Class' must be enabled as the view is entered with class CLASS_1. However activating multiple options
at the same time may ease the process without having to know which class is assigned to which superior class.

As a result, the classes CLASS_2 and CLASS_1 will be listed and the 'Level' is also shown. In this case, Level 1 is the superior
class and level 0 is the subordinate class.

An other interesting feature of the transaction CL6C is the option to display the hierarchy in a visual manner. Going back to the
search form and selecting the 'Graphical Display' option, the classes will be shown in a modelling environment.

Once the search is executed, a new 'Graphical Class Maintenance' window will open.

In the Graphical Class Maintenance window it is possible to drag elements of the model around, assign classes to superior classes,
to delete assignments and also to insert new classes.

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