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The transaction CL6D allows users to find the list of classes which have no superior classes and also to assign classes to
superior classes.

When executed, the class CLASS_1 will only be displayed in the result list if no superior class is set.

By selecting the class CLASS_1 and clicking the button 'Assign (F2)' the class CLASS_1 may be assigned to one or multiple
superior classes.

In the 'Assign Class to Superior Classes' View the class CLASS_1 is set in the 'Selection' box, the user may check if the correct
class has been selected for assignment. All the classes that are then added to the 'Assignments' fields will be the superior classes
of class CLASS_1.

In this example, class CLASS_2 will be the superior class and CLASS_1 will be assigned to CLASS_2, the changes must
then be saved.

Once saved, the class CLASS_1 now has a superior class, therefore when carrying out the transaction CL6D again and searching
for 'List of Classes WITHOUT Superior Class', the class CLASS_1 will not be displayed anymore.




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