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The transaction CLHP allows users to maintain the class hierarchy by assigning subclasses to parent classes.

Class - The name of the class that will be the parent class of the hierarchy.

Class type
- The class type of the class may be added here, only one class type may be selected.

Change Number- is a number used to uniquely identify a change master record. If you make a change with reference to
a change number, or create an object with a change number, the following functions are at your disposal: -The system
determines the validity conditions

The conditions that the change is effective under can be defined in the change master record as follows:
-Changes with a date validity (valid-from date)
-Changes with parameter effectivity (for example: serial no. effectivity)
-Log of the changes made -Documentation of the changes
-Assignment of a revision level to a change state of a material or document -Release of changes for the different areas in the company.

Valid-From Date - Specifies the start date for the validity period of the class hierarchy.


Adding a subclass to the parent class

In this example, the parent class CLASS_1 was selected and a subclass CLASS_2 will be added to it.
Note: the class CLASS_2 was not created before and will now be created within CLHP. This is optional,
in case the class that should be assigned as subordinate is already created, the creation step further below is not relevant.


By clicking the "Assign Classes to Class" button, the PopUp will appear which allows Subordinate classes to be assigned.

By typing the name of the class CLASS_2 and hitting enter, the system will ask if the class should be created. As mentioned above,
this is optional, in case the class that should be assigned as subordinate is already created, the creation step below is not relevant.

By adding the Description of the class and optionally setting the Group or adding Keywords, by clicking "Copy Class",
the class CLASS_2 will be created and the characteristics of class CLASS_1 will be inherited by the subordinate class CLASS_2 .


After the creation of the class and clicking "Copy Class", the popup with the list of subordinate classes will appear
and in case no other subclasses are to be added, the "Copy" button must be clicked, this will add the subclasses to the hierarchy.


When the class CLASS_2 is copied, the class is added as a subclass to the class CLASS_1 and is visible in the overview
as shown below. By saving the changes, the hierarchy will be saved and can be used without any necessary changes.


Of course the transaction CLHP offers many other functionalities which may be used accordingly.




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