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The transaction CLST may be used to improve the performance of classification search by optimizing the classification statistics.
The optimization may be executed for any client and any class type and can be defined in the overview. In case classification is often
used on a system, the CLST may be executed every week or every second week for better performance.

Before executing the optimization, the previously run optimizations can be listed by clicking 'Statistics run so far (F7)'.

In this example, the last time CLST was executed was in 2001, for class type 001.

Now going back to the overview, the optimization will be carried out with client 800 and for class type 001.

Depending on the amount of classification data, the optimization may take even hours and may be run in the background
and can also be scheduled to reun every week or every second week.

Once the CLST has been executed, a success message will be shown and the execution will be logged in the statistics log.

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