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The transaction CT12 allows users to find the use of a characteristic and optionally characteristic values in all
released (Status 1) classes, class hierarchies, classification for a class type, configuration, variant tables,planning tables,
variant functions, object dependencies and other uses.

It is important to note that the where used list in CT12 will NOT display dependencies that contain the characteristic in
the syntax but have status 2 (in process) or status 3 (locked). Only Status 1 classes, dependencies and so on will be searched through by the transaction CT12.
To find the where used list for a characteristic in dependencies with status 1 or 2, the transaction CT25 may be used instead.

When executing the search, the result will be shown depending on which 'Scope of Where-Used List' was set.

By clicking on the white document icon, the classes may be opened directly (the CL03 transaction will be used by the system).

In case multiple 'Scope of Where-Used List' were set, the list will be extended when executing the search.

Then, both the classes and the classification will be shown.



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