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During the creation of quality inspection you want to change fields

If you want to change certain fields during the creation of an inspection lot there are various exits possible. In this specific case I would like to point out the Exit QPL10001, in which the QALS content can be changed during the creation of an inspection lot.

In some cases it is necessary to supplement data this can also be done using this exit.

i.e. Add the WBS element from the production order on creation using CO01 where the production order is released immediately.

In this case the following coding could be useful in the include ZXQPLU02:

 data: l_feld(40)    TYPE c.
    IF SY-TCODE = 'CO01'.  
       l_feld = '(SAPLCOKO1)caufvd-projn'.
       e_qals = i_qals.  
       ASSIGN (l_feld) TO <PS_PSP_PNR>.
       IF sy-subrc IS INITIAL.
          e_qals-PS_PSP_PNR = <PS_PSP_PNR>.
     E_ACTIVE = 'x'.

This is example coding you might have to make correspondent adjustments.

Hope that this information is useful.