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Classification usage in Project System 

SAP Cross Application Component -Classification (CA-CL) can be used various purposes.

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This page is an attempt to explains the usage of classification is SAP-PS like for capturing information on user defined fields using characteristics/classes, validating the values of characteristics using object dependencies, summarisation of WBS values based on characteristics and search using characteristic values.

Before you can use classification functions, you need to set up your classification system. The there are three steps to setting up a classification system:

Defining the Properties of Objects: You use characteristics to describe the properties of objects. You create characteristics centrally in the system.

Creating Classes: You need classes to classify objects. These classes must be set up. During set up you must assign characteristics to the classes.

Assigning Objects: Once you have created the classes you require for classification, you can assign objects to these classes. You use the characteristics of the class to describe the objects you classify.

1. Use classification to capture user defined fields on WBS elements. 

Creating Characteristics that can be used to capture user defined fields on Projects (WBS elements). Basic data defines the format and assignment details.

Allowed Values for the Characteristic.

Assigning the Characteristic to Class type 14 so that it can be used in Projects.

2.  Validation of characteristic using object dependencies.

You can assign object dependencies to a characteristic or a characteristic value. Dependencies in classification are used to describe the relationships between characteristics and characteristic values

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Here in below example we plan to assign values (percentages) to characteristics and at the same time we validate that the sum of values (percentages) against the characteristic doesn't exceed 100% during the assignment.

Characteristics S1-S4 are defined to accept values in percentages maximum to 100%. Below is the basic data of a characteristic.

Allowed values of the characteristic. 

Assignment to Class type 14 to be used with Projects.

Creating a Characteristic that validates the other Characteristic values. i.e., sum of percentage assigned the characteristic is always equal to 100%. This characteristic can be hidden so that it's not visible to the user during the assignment of values.

Action dependency is created using the formula that sums up the values of all other characteristics.With this formula the Characteristic always assumes the summarized values from other characteristics.

Assignment of dependency check characteristic to class type 14-Projects. 

Assignment of all above characteristics to the SAP predefined class SAP_KKR_CLASS that is used for Classification in Project Systems.

Assignment of characteristic to class. 

Procedure dependency is now created at the class to check the characteristic value assignment of characteristic ZCHECK is equal to 100%.

Assignment of Characteristic values using classification against the WBS elements in Project Systems module.

Values of the Characteristic PROJECT SCALE are selected from the allowed values as defined earlier.

 Assignment of % values to characteristics (S1-S4, description appears as defined in the characteristic definition above)

 % Values assigned more than 100% to check if the dependency works for the characteristic. 

Error message issued as % value is 102%.

3. Summarisation WBS values based on characteritics.

Ex., Plan values against the WBS elements can be summarised using the characteristics

(For further details refer link:

Planning of WBS elements.

Project Summarisation Hierarchy using Classification characteristic.

Execution of summarisation

Project Summarisation report showing the Plan values summarised as per the summarisation hierarchy.

CAUTION: Support for summarization by classification is likely to be withdrawn in the medium-term. Use summarization using master data characteristics instead. Projects activated for summarization using classification can be converted to classification using master data fields by means of program RCJCLMIG which you run in the Project System IMG. For more information, go to the Project System IMG and choose Information System ® Responsibility Accounting

4. Search help using Characteristic values. 


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