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Describe common problems in dynamic modification process and possible solutions. 


Common issues in dynamic modification process are discussed in this document.

<Common issues>

Case 1.  It doesn’t go to the skip level according to DMR – characteristic level.

Normally the decision concerning the next inspection stage for DMR at characteristic level is made dependent on the inspection characteristic valuation. One inspection lot should be inspected and its corresponding characteristic should be valuated as accepted/rejected, then the stage can be changed to the next level. 

Please also note that if it is wanted that the quality level is updated immediately when the inspection lot is created after sample determination in the dynamic modification rule the indicator 'Immediate Dynamic Modification at Inspection Lot Creation' has to be set on transaction QDR3. 

You can influence skips by following settings: 

1. Material Management : Tr.MM03 -> tab 'Quality Management' -> button 'inspection settings' -> insp.type -> field 'skips allowed' (RMQAM-DYN) should be set. 

2. A characteristic weighting to the inspection characteristics that does not allow skips: 

Tr.SPRO -> Quality Management -> Quality Planning -> Basic Data -> Inspection Characteristic, Inspection Method -> Define Characteristic Weighting -> field 'no skip allowed' (V_TQ17A-NOSKIP) should not be set.

 3. Sampling procedures to the inspection characteristics that do not allow a stage change:

Tr. QDV2 -> F5 -> screen: 'Special Conditions' -> flag 'No Stage Change‘ (QDSV-KZOHI) should not be set. 

Case 2. It stays in the skip level although Usage decision is rejected

Although you rejected in the usage decision, the dynamic modification valuation is still accepted. So the quality level stays at skip stage. 

 Please see the standard System's behavior in case of the FM QDQL_U_D_WORST_CASE: 

 1. Inspection without inspection results 

      a.) The inspection lot is NOT skip:

           If you have not recorded any characteristic inspection results, or terminated the inspection, the valuation for the usage decision is copied as the dynamic modification valuation. 

      b.) The inspection lot is skip:

           The dynamic modification valuation will be always 'accepted' in case of a skip lot. 

 2. Inspection with inspection results

      Dynamic modification valuation is:

      R (rejected), if at least one closed characteristic was rejected

      A (accepted), if all characteristics are either closed and accepted, or have the status "Skip" 

If you want to change the quality level from skip you have to reject and close a characteristic for the inspection lot using results recording. If the lot is in skip and you reject the UD the dynamic modification valuation will be 'accepted'.

Case 3. The quality level doesn't change as expected according to Maximum skip duration

See the explanation and solution in the following KBA:

1847002 - Quality level does not change as expected according to Maximum skip duration of DMR when creating inspection lot automatically or using transaction QA01

Case 4. The quality level doesn't change to the next stage. Inspection lots are always generated in one stage.

See the explanation and solution in the following note:

612299 - Inspection stage is skipped or executed too often

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