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If you find the following error in log file in the directory C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\W3SVC2\:
 sc-status = 500 sc-substatus = 0 sc-win32-status = 193

You need to deactivate the flag in your Internet Explorer:

 -> tools
 -> internet options
 -> advanced
 -> browsing
 -> show friendly HTTP error messages.

Then please exceute the test URLs again and see if you get the error like the following:

 %1 is not a valid Win32 application

If so, this indicates that you are trying to run a 64bit application on 32 bit server.
If you have installed a 64Bit version of the content server then please be sure that your IIS is not configured as 32 bit version.
If the parameter W3SVC/AppPools/Enable32BitAppOnWin64 is set to true then only 32 bit applications can run with IIS.

This behavior is explained in SAP note 1008299.


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