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   This wiki aims at covering the key configuration setting required with master data to be maintained in order to copy the results from previous Inspection lot in Quality Management module of SAP R/3.


  •    Configuration settings  for Copy of Inspection results
  •    Master data setup
  •    Inspection lot creation
  •    Results recording - Copy

Configuration settings  for Copy of Inspection results

Navigation: SPRO>Quality Management>Quality Inspection>Make settings for Copy of Inspection Results

Maintained Control in RR as Automatic Data Transfer When Accessing Results Recording for Inspection Type 09 & Plant 1000 combination

Master Data Setup

Transaction Code: QS61 – Maintain Material Specification

Select Inspection Characteristic to be copied and click on Detail

Select Data Origin as Previous inspection lot & save

Inspection Lot Creation

Transaction Code: QA01 – Enter Material, Plant & Inspection lot origin

Enter Inspection Lot Quantity & Save

Results recording

Transaction Code: QE01 – Enter Inspection lot

Results are automatically copied from previous inspection lot since the data origin for results is from Previous lot

Data origin copied in the results recording screen from material specification

Valuated & closed the Inspection Results

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