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Material Master Maintenance: Getting Started

for more information, please also see SAP online help


Material Master datas are created by transaction MM01.

On the first screen you may enter a material number. The material number is an 18-character-string which uniquely identifies the material. If you leave the material number empty, the system will issue a numeric material number automatically.
You also have to fill the material type, and the industry sector. Both can be used to decide how the material master pages will be displayed.

In the next step you will be asked which views you want to be created. A view is a collection of material datas which are relevant for some topic, as for instance for material requirements planning, forecasting, accounting etc.

After choosing the views, the system determines the organisational levels (plant, storage location, saöles org etc.) where the datas are assigned to, and asks for them.

Now you can fill the datas of the material. Some fields are mandatory, you cannot leave the screen without maintaining them. You can go to the next view you want to fill either by pressing 'Enter', or by directly clicking the respective tab.

Last step is to save the created material. This will be confirmed by message 'Material created'

Creation from Reference

You may also enter a 'Copy from-Material' in transaction MM01. In this case, the datas from the reference material will be proposed in the newly created material. But please be aware that you have to enter organisational levels for the reference as well as for the created material.

Adding a new view

If you want to add a view to an existing material, you can also use transaction MM01. You only have to fill in the material number, material type and industry sector will be selected automatically. The rest is done just like in material creation: you select the view to be created, and the organisational level. The system will issue message 'The material already exists and will be extended', and you can maintain the required datas.

Changing material master

For changing material master, MM02 is used. In the first screen you can only enter the material number; material type and industry sector are selected from database. Then you choose views and organisational level. There, only values which are already maintained are offered for selection.

Displaying material master.

For displaying material master, transaction MM03 can be used. Operation works exactly as in transaction MM02, only difference is that all fields will be greyed out, not open for input.


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