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Creating actionbox activities and the SAP standard function modules

The issues described in this document also can be taken into consideration for Maintenence Notifications (PM-WOC-MN), Service Notifications (CS-CM-SN), CA Notifications (CA-NO) and finally Project Claims (PS-CLM).

 In many cases we recieve messages from customer concerning the fact that the standard function modules offered by SAP are not working as desired or do not offer the data needed when i.e. creating a customer order or i.e.making a goods movement. Fact is that we are talking about the function group QM06, QMLR and CLM01.

Typically these function modules were created to enable a funtionality via the action box and thus these function modules do not support the full scope of functions offered i.e. via the standard transactions or in the called transaction. Thus you might not be satisfied with the offered functions.

The restrictions reported here are not an error from SAP, these are merely technical restrictions that enable the use of these function modules without causing runtime interruptions or even a shortdump.

In the many cases reported by customers where the restrictions of these function modules disturb business processes we recommend the following:

All of these function modules are designed as copy models and we recommend that you copy the name of the Function module into your namespace and add the desired functionality.


Start the transaction SE37 and enter the function module name that you would like to use as a model i.e. QM06_RMA_ORDER_CREATE then press COPY (Crtl + F5)

You will get the following pop-up:

Fr.  Function module   QM06_RMA_ORDER_CREATE                        (Please note that this function module is just an example here)
To   Function module   ZZ_QM06_RMA_ORDER_CREATE
Function group         QM06

You can then change the coding in the function module ZZ_QM06_RMA_ORDER_CREATE to fit your purposes.