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The purpose of this page is to provide an updated list of the FAQ Notes and KBAs (Knowledge Base Articles) released in EH&S.


Below you will find listed the FAQ Notes and KBAs.




1809242 - Function modules 'C1F5_SPECIFICATION_READ' and 'BAPI_BUS1077_GETDETAIL' return phrase keys instead of phrase 


1809258 - Internal program error; ( <program name> SAPLC13Z 0 C13Z_RAWDATA_READ )


1836575 - SAPLC14J 0 CG02 authority-group or valuation-category missing


1943843 - Not Value assignments of Table/Structure Fields is listed in CGAB


1943993 - Specification inheritance not functioning properly


2024053 - Transporting missing standard EHS Classes and Characteristcs from Client 000


2040379 - Waste Disposal documents sample templates


2051955 - How to set the quantity limits for regulations in customizing for Substance Volume Tracking


2094927 - GLM Print Tool has stopped working


2101192 - Job status in CG5Z stays in status 'Assigned'


2124878 - Dump BCD_ZERODIVIDE CL_EHHSS_INC_TIMEDATA_CALC====CP when extracting datasource 0EHSM_HSS_INC_REC_10


2151048 - How to remove the GLM printer mapping in the GLM Print Tool


2154178 - SAP EH&S Menu is missing after upgrade


2156531 - Report Incident shows inverted sequence of steps


2170671 - Error DB607 occurs in job related to archiving object CV_DVS when archiving data via transaction CG50


2175938 - Error: You are not authorized to edit the schedule plan


2190764 - Expert Rule Editor - "Encounter an improper argument" error


2193273 - Entry does not exist in ESD_ESTLP


2197554 - How to create the perfect incident for EHS component and subcomponents


2199431 - Error 'Cannot find any reports' for Waste Documents


2199434 - EH&S Administration Management Service does not start


2199435 - C13Z_TEXT_WRITE is giving an unexpected RAISE NO_PERMISSION error


2207030 - Error cannot display property tree raised in Inheritance template for value assignment types


2227853 - Dangerous Goods Delta Filling - Error DGA 136 "No data records found for the selection criteria"


2258006 - Date shift of an engineering change number


2297808 - How to define new document types in EHSM


2334130 - Lessons Learned and Investigation Analysis are not populated in the Investigation Summary Report


2339328 - Unable to Generate the Investigation Summary Report


2353813 - Exception Occured: Cannot instantiate the form creation controller


2354475 - Unable to save a value assignment in the specification workbench in the SAPGUI (CG02) or in the PLM Web user interface (PLM Web UI)


2362286 - Short Dump When Saving a New Health Surveillance Protocol


2366335 - IMG "Configure Report to Transfer Chemicals" No Longer Exists from EHSM 4.0


2367881 - Not Possible to Assign Multiple Phrases to a Table Field


2369630 - Inbound Emails For Offline Forms Not Working


2381571 - Error when uploading a .xlsm file in EHSM


2382156 - Cannot find IMG Activity "Exclude Characteristics from Phrase Set Assignment"


2391448 - Failed to resolve Object Based navigation target "SAP_ECC_EnvironmentHealthSafety......."


2429979 - Error message 'Mandatory field "&1" must be filled'


2436350 - Risk Profile is empty in the Risk Assessment Summary Report


2437290 - EHSM: AIF Forms and Email processing


2439196 - How to customize the entry fields on the "Work Experience" tab


2446689 - Redundant operational statuses are displayed when identifying risks


2453888 - How to set option #Delete after successful print# as default on GLMPT.exe tool


2453992 - Cannot activate event linkages in transaction SWE2 or find the EHSM object type


2455650 - Root Cause drop-down is missing and appears only upon click


2456806 - Sources of information for component extension SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management


2456839 - Sources of information for Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)


2459167 - Formatted text inserts # in the "Event Description" field


2463763 - How to get the data of "Description of Events" in the basic information tab from the database


2470118 - EHSM WebDynpro Portal UI themes are different after an update


2474029 - No Idoc is generated when sending dangerous goods master in T-code: DGP5


2476628 - Error C$500 occurs when importing file without an Identifier in CG33


2478082 - WWI outputs certain characters as # on the report


2478482 - Location structure is not displayed in the search help of location in EHSM3.0


2479569 - Length of fields DANLAB_1...DANLAB_7 is limited to 4 characters


2487794 - The phrase: CUST-N10.00300005 is output in English instead of Korean or Thai


2490403 - Dump with ASSERTION_FAILED when accessing Header Status tab in CG02


2492402 - Certain fields in the header of substance are not clear


2494154 - SARA Reporting allows 5 Hazard Categories


2495381 - Initial incident report is not generated in the logon language


2499617 - Source language field (RCGPHSCR-SRLANGU) for phrase is not editable


2500797 - It is not possible to select multiple compliance requirement item lines in component compliance screen

2505419 - Short Dump when trying to create/change data in Incident ManagementEHS-MGM-INC
2505444 - Enabling "Save as" button on preview of a WWI ReportEHS-SAF-GLM
2517051 - Unable to Delete an Injured Person on Incident ManagementEHS-MGM-INC
2518459 - The status of Maintenance notifications is not updatedEHS-MGM-INC

2531801 - Error CM_SUB_DATA018 on transfer to primary output

2532940 - Error "0 bytes transmitted, code page &" occurs when opening a report in transaction CVD1EHS-SAF-RSH

2536131 - EHSM - Search for Involved Person Returns Terminated Employee 

2543690 - Incident Workflow - Incident workflow is not yet started; try again laterEHS-MGM-INC-WF
2557755 - EH&S WWI and EH&S Expert End of Maintanance  EHS-BD-RDF-WWI 
2559990 - The meaning of specific Report Symbols are not clear to you  EHS-BD-RDF
2560583 - The meaning of the icons used for listed substances in a regulatory listEHS-MGM-PRC 

2562912 - How to change the numeric format for IMG activities "Specify Label Sizes" and "Specify Size of Label Stock"    


2577107 - OSHA 301 form time indication AM PM not showing


2580613 - Error CM_SERVICE_ADMIN415 occurred when creating generation server

2582506  - Hyperlink does not work in the SDS reportEHS-BD-RDF-WWI
2582875  - The attachment cannot be found in the "implement action"EHS-MGM-INC
2585632  - The values in the closed Risk Assessment are overwritten by the change in the follow up Risk AssessmentEHS-MGM-RAS
2587568  - Restricted substance in a Regulatory list is allowed to be approved in Chemical RequestEHS-MGM-RAS
2593433  - How to move an existing WWI installation from one drive to anotheEHS-BD-RDF-WWI
2595062  - Error CM_BOMBOS025 occurs when executing T-code CG37EHS-SAF
2616990  - Changed on date column is not getting updated on table EHHSSD_INC_ROOTEHS-MGM-INC
2620247  - How to get access to information about SAP EHS Regulatory Content (SAP ERC)  new deliveries, webinars and eventsEHS-ERC
2621405  - Responsible for Sampling not listedEHS-SUS-FND
2624647  - Title and Phone are missing in the OSHA 301 reportEHS-MGM-INC
2630273  - Error: <**Status of identifier not permitted: ...**>EHS-BD-RDF
2634164  - "An error occured during report generation" appears when creating an AdHoc report for a RecipePLM-WUI-RCP
2638370  - Creating the perfect EHS-ERC incidentEHS
2655136  - Runtime Error "TYPE_NOT_FOUND" because of inconsistent FBI viewEHS-MGM
2667937  - GHS NZ rule outputs several phrase mapping warningsEHS-ERC
2668500  - Error: "Dangerous goods error in IDOC for document XXX" when sending inbound deliveries via IDocEHS-DGP-DOC
2670778 - Dump when changing the status of a Compliance ScenarioEHS-MGM-ENV
2677917 - How to launch Environment, Health, and Safety running on SAP S/4HANAEHS-SUS
2681369 - Error CM_EXPERT 354 occurs when executing an Expert Rule


2686824 - Date Output in GLM Label Considers the User Entries FormatEHS-SAF-GLM
2695374 - WWI Report created with new version in Recipe Development despite the flag "Generation Not Permitted" being setPLM-WUI-RCP-RCP
2697744 - EH&S Expert creates new instance instead of overwriting the exising oneEHS-ERC
2701227 - When using T-code RMWB, CG02 or CGE2 to call report management, there is no selection screen.EHS-SAF-REP
2705050 - The Restriction Tab appears in display mode when trying to create / change a Specification in the WUIPLM-WUI-RCP-SPE
2707664 - "Component Type" cannot be restricted by customizingEHS-BD
2708670 - Error "Structure file of integrated template not current" or "Macro error while merging data for preview" in CG42EHS-BD-RDF-WWI
2711120 - Request of  "EHS-AddOns.txt"  file for  "Cannot load ruc file"  error  analysisEHS-ERC
2712665 - Authorization errors occur in the log of CG5Z when generating WWI reportsEHS-SAF-RSH
2714417 - Raw report (SBR) does not show parameter symbols' values in DMS transactionsEHS-BD-RDF
2719968 - Error "No phrase code for phrase key CUST-TD-138966 in characteristic SAP_EHS_1023_044_HAZ_STATEMENT" occurs during OCC data loadEHS-ERC
2732331 - Error CM_EHFND_SPLCP005 occurs when adding a physical agent to a Sampling CampaignEHS-MGM-RAS
2734934 - EHSM: Error message "Service cannot be reached"EHS-MGM
2745620 - The error /SEHS/DG_DGA 352 occurs when sending DANGEROUSGOOD IDocs from ERP to an SCM systemSCM-BAS-EHS-DG
2749298 - The generation of a report fails with error OA 402EHS-BD-RDF
2773162 - The "Packaging Requirements" tab is not available in transaction /SEHS/DGD02SCM-BAS-EHS-DG
2774365 - The Control Inspection form is not created in the Recipient (Inspector) languageEHS-MGM-RAS
2776152 - Field value getting overwritten in DG Master following DG filling or distributionEHS-DGP
2778984 - Upload of files in EHSM is not allowedEHS-MGM
2779012 - The task processor is not changed in the Tasks tab of the Incident when using "Assign to me" or "Forward" optionsEHS-MGM-INC
2780130 - Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) remote support connection checklistEHS
2780214 - Why should HTTP/WTS connection be opened for issues with EHSM?EHS-MGM
2780223 - Custom button or label text not appearing after saving the customizingEHS-MGM
2781362 - The input "packaging unit" is invalidEHS-MGM-RAS
2783887 - Incident text not translated automatically or missing translation in "Edit Translation" pop-upEHS-SUS-IM
2784125 - Error in function CVEP_RDO_BUNDLE_PACKAGE occurs during report shippingEHS-SAF-RSH
2784829 - Some fields related to the injured person's treatment are missing in the incidentEHS-MGM-INC
2787528 - Report has status "Gen. w/ Warning" in CG50 but no warnings are displayed in the generation logEHS-BD-RDF-WWI
2787662 - During specification import the Identifier is not updated in the target systemEHS-BD-TLS
2788460 - BP EHSM 600 is not available for downloadEHS-MGM
2790322 - Some entries in the EHS tables are missing the deletion flagEHS-BD-SPE
2792662 - The "Packing Requirements" data is not imported/exportedEHS-DGP
2797192 - Missing identifiers in the Hitlist layout of the specification workbenchEHS-BD-SPE
2803577 - The field Scenario is not available in IMG Activity "Specify Quantity Limits and Reactions on Overall Status"EHS-SAF-RCK
2807009 - Phrase cannot be deleted in CG12EHS-BD-PHR

2815574 - Cannot delete an investigation step that has status "In Process"


2815593 - Import / Export GLM or WWI printers and their configurations


2818126 - Error: "Invalid reference value in field DATAORIGIN"


2820110 - Dyntext Error: 'Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style'

2824457 - Investigation Steps are not set to "read-only" after step is startedEHS-MGM-INC
2824536 - Search help for people on incident creation displays only one or no recordEHS-SUS-IM
2824560 - Error: Failed to resolve OBN target "SAP_ECC_EnvironmentHealthSafety.BPR_FNDDTS.EditFromWF"EHS-MGM-RAS
2833095 - Dump when deleting or starting an investigation step of an incidentEHS-MGM-INC
2834401 - Search Help for task assignee and approver lists users that don't have the security role to perform such actionsEHS-SUS-IM
2836596 - Near Miss & Safety Observation get closed even when an investigation is in processEHS-MGM-INC
2838602 - When editing a value assignment from the property tree, the value disappears after the data is "Saved"EHS-BD-SPE
2838669 - New entry created in table DGTMD after DG fillingEHS-DGP    
2838709 - Complete button is disabled for task "Review and complete incident investigation" in the EHSM Work OverviewEHS-MGM-INC
2839695 - How does SM59, CGSADM and Environment Parameter "WWI_GENSERVER_ERROR_MAIL" work to check if WWI server is running?EHS-BD-RDF-WWI
2840973 - IDoc fails with message "Error in buffer: update failed: UPDATE DGTMD"SCM-BAS-EHS-DG
2845111 - EHSM CHIPs do not display any informationEHS-MGM-INC

<FAQ Notes>

FAQ NoteComponent
318549  - Deleting partners in Waste ManagementEHS-WA-MD
485263 - "Extras -> Change Document Log" does not display documentsEHS-BD-SPE
560157 - Releasing waste approvalsEHS-WA-MD
735942 - Period selection criterion in reportingEHS-HEA-REP
737327 - Problems with transactions and screens in the master dataEHS-WA-MD
753894 - Deleting disposal documentEHS-WA-DOC
800918 - Rules for API programming with SAPLC1F2, SAPLC1F5EHS-BD-SPE
818175 - EH&S: Number ranges in report shipping and generationEHS-SAF-RSH
837752 - Example status profile EHS_WMM1 (Disposal processing)EHS-WA-PRO
860409 - Debit/credit indicator in the entry documentEHS-WA-PRO
864199 - Posting functions for inventory mgmt and warehouse mgmtEHS-WA-PRO
905726 - Substance volume tracking in SAP EH&SEHS-SAF-RCK
878978 - Problems with locks after purchase orderEHS-WA-PRO
941464 - Additional information about inheritanceEHS-BD-SPE
963182 - Changing the address or name of partnersEHS-WA-MD
967013 - Transaction WAE02 is not supportedEHS-WA-PRO
968778 - BAdI EHSS_SPEC_CHECKS and enhancements C1F20001, C1F20100EHS-BD-SPE
988317 - Change document object 'CBIH_IP' is not generatedEHS-IHS
1023691 - Function "Shift Date" for change numberEHS-BD
1089782 - BDT: Saving of partner terminates with error (R1 149)EHS-WA-MD
1096697 - EH&S report shippingEHS-SAF-RSH
1093000  - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about EH&S reportingEHS-SAF-RSH
1093541 - EH&S WWI: Supporting text fieldsEHS-BD-RDF-WWI
1103234  - FAQ output to ExcelEHS-BD-SIS
1111161 - FAQs when you are working with specification BAPIsEHS-BD-SPE
1114535 - FAQ: Searching in the specification workbenchEHS-BD-SPE
1119071 - FAQs about change marking in EH&S reportsEHS-BD-RDF
1121504 - EH&S Waste Management system upgradeEHS-WA
1122700 - FAQ: Note about EH&S authorizationsEHS-BD
1131634 - FAQ note about the creation of change documentsEHS-BD-SPE
1142087 - Application log settings for update reportEHS-WA-REP
1147933 - FAQ: EH&S report generationEHS-BD-RDF
1153832 - FAQ regarding merging and combining phrasesEHS-BD-PHR
1157472 - FAQ: DG problems after upgrade / installation of EH&SEHS-DGP
1226901 - Questions and problems when upgrading to ERP 2005/ERP 6.0EHS-HEA
1300393 - EH&S WWI: Use of WWI compressionEHS-BD-RDF-WWI
1336055 - Support Process for EHS Management solutionsEHS
1336184 - GLM: General recommendations for printers & printer driversEHS-SAF-GLM
1349193 - FAQ: Layout for EHS report templatesEHS-BD-RDF
1394553 - EH&S WWI server installation instructionsEHS-BD-RDF-WWI

1415371 - REACH: Setting up service connections for SAP Support

1608768 - FAQ: Layouting of EHS report templates with includesEHS-BD-RDF

1793799 - Problems when upgrading to SAP Product and REACH Compliance


2091938 - Known problems in IMDS supplier/customer center

2289905 - EH&S WWI: Factors to be taken into account when creating report templates to speed up printoutsEHS-BD-RDF-WWI
2369192  - Known Issues in BOM TransferEHS-MGM-PRC
2419846  - Release Note - SAP Connected Parking 1.1 Feature DeliveryEHS-CVS-PLM
2469858  - SAP EHS Regulatory Content Feature RequestEHS-ERC

Please note, in order to view the contents of the Notes and KBAs, you will need to be logged into Service Marketplace.


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