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This page describes the functional range and installation of an alternative filter button solution in the toolbar of the Application Structure View window.


It is possible to use specified filters instead of the compound filter button "need action". This filter is not a compound filter but activates other “buttons” (filters) in order to show which filters are active and to deselect individual buttons.
In addition, such a button can be configured multiple times to activate different sets of filter buttons. The behavior is then the same as for radio buttons - there is only one active at a time.
Deactivation is not supported and is done, as before, individually for a certain filter button or with the button "Revert Filtering" for all set filters.

The configuration is as follows:

# <Filter prefix of the corresponding module>.control.<button number> = <List of the filter names>
# Key for icons:
# < Filter prefix of the corresponding module >.control.<button number>.icon
# Keys for the dictionary:
#  plm.< Filter prefix of the corresponding module>.control.<button number>.name
#  plm.< Filter prefix of the corresponding module>.control.<button number>.tooltip

Sample configuration for the ASV window:

# Configuration:
  structure.view.tool.filter.control.1 = filter.modified;filter.insob;filter.not_actual;filter.conflict_pending;filter.conflict
  structure.view.tool.filter.control.2 = filter.traforange;filter.trafred
# Icons:
  structure.view.tool.filter.control.1.icon = {0}/sap/filter
  structure.view.tool.filter.control.2.icon = {0}/sap/filter<<{0}/sap/o_more
# Dictionary: = Need action 1
  plm.structure.view.tool.filter.control.1.tooltip = Need action 1 = Need action 2
  plm.structure.view.tool.filter.control.2.tooltip = Need action 2

The old configuration can be removed when implementing the new button:

# default.txt
   structure.view.tool.filter.11 = filter.needaction   
   obr.filter.filter.needaction = (filter.traforange;filter.trafred;filter.modified;filter.insob;filter.not_actual;filter.conflict_pending;filter.conflict) 
   obr.filter.filter.needaction.mode = ANY    
# standard_icons.txt
   filter.icon.filter.needaction = {0}/sap/message_error
   filter.icon.filter.needaction.on = {0}/sap/message_error    
# ectr.txt:   
   filter.text.filter.needaction = Need action

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