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Goal of this page

The goal of this WIKI page is to help users/customers to resolve Quality Management related issues in case they receive an error message in the system.


This page doesn't contain all the possible error messages but the content will be updated continuously.

Below you can find the currently available list. In case the message you are facing isn't in the list, you can use the SAP Note & Knowledge Base Article Search on Support Portal to find a solution.

Hopefully this page will help your daily work by accelerated problem solving. 

Just click the message number for further information. 

Which message are you facing? 

00058 - Entry & & & does not exist in &4 (check entry)

EA608 - EDI: Sender partner number in control record is default

IM254 - Invalid object number (status management)

IM258 - Object does not exist (status management)

IX007 - Partner function & is not allowed in partner determination profile &

M7021 - Deficit of & & & &

M7042 - Batch & & & & does not exist

MM108 - No alternative unit of measure specified

QA007 - Inspection lot &2 is being processed by &1

QA102 - Inspection lot & was not created yet

QA124 - No change documents exist

QA148 - To deactivate QM, the inspection stock for the material must be empty

QA150 - Error inserting QALS: & &

QA238 - You cannot make a transfer posting without a serial number

QB067 - Deletion flag not allowed for active status profile

QC030 - No certificate profile was found

QC118 - No certificate profiles were found that can be deleted

QD241 - Sampling procedure is not permitted for insp.point-related inspection

QD703 - Inspection severity not found- inspection stage is not available

QE100 - The operation is already blocked by user &

QE162 - Inspection lot & does not exist

QE181 - Characteristic results cannot be recorded for inspection lot &

QETB034 - You cannot use this function in the entry line for new inspection points

QF149 - Serial no. &3 already exists for confirmation no. &1, item no. &2

QP256 - QM data: Maintain inspection point reference

QP302 - CUA status (Table TC01) is not maintained

QP866 - Master inspection characteristic & & & is not completely maintained

QP879 - See long text for reasons for lock indicator

QS848 - No material specification has been created for the material

QT003 - The insp. point ident. is not completely maintained in the cust. applic.

QV044 - Assignment of a batch is required

QV121 - Selected set code does not exist, or data entered is incomplete

QV224 - Operation & not available for this lot

QV509 - No batches have been found for processing

QV512 - Batch expiration date reached

QV520 - Batch status changed to 'Restricted'

RU153 - Internal number assignment for object & (numbers are in critical area)