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Exclusion of characterstic during Material Variant Matching


In line with document how to create material variant , we have seen while creating material variant its not obligatory
to choose and setup value for all the characteristic in a material variant, it may possible for our business to create material
variant based upon few important
characteristic of a configurable material only and when we create such variant there is
possibility of miss match when user assign values to characteristic which
are not covered in material variant and with
such selection , the material variant will not be selected due to miss match during type matching.

This document will help setting up characteristic value excluded during variant matching.

Transaction: SA38



Choose System -> Services ->Reporting

Enter the name of the report: RCU_EXCL_CHARACTERISTICS.

You  can specify material number & name of characteristic which needs to be excluded from type matching, In the lists,
you can then mark the
characteristics for exclusion in the relevant application.

The system stores the selected characteristics in table CABN_EXCL. 

This table is read during type matching. Only those characteristics are then permitted in the relevant application that are
not stored in this table, or if they are stored in this table, are not marked for exclusion from this application.

Specify the number of the relevant material or the characteristic that you want to exclude from the search and choose execute 

If same material is being used in many different plants, you can specify this exclusion is plant specific or valid for all plants.

Select the Exclusion Types indicator for the characteristic or combination of material and characteristic to exclude it from the

Choose save

Hope it will be useful document for you, please comment.


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