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To Achieve F4 Search Help for authorization group, when the values for authorization group are not maintained,


 Mention Origin of Input Help field and search help name in Domain BEGRU


Go to Domain BEGRU and select Origin of Input Help field as Explicit Search help attachment to data element

Similarly for Search Help Name Select BKK_F4_BEGRU

Activating table

You need to have SAP Key for this change. Needless to say, Activate the table DRAW for changes to take effect.

Niranjan Dandekar

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1 Comment

  1. Unknown User (zexg6xk)

    Dear colleagues,

    This is helpful for me. I have already appended several  fixed values in Domain BEGRU and acitvated. Isn't it a standard modification?  In technical upgrade, what can I consider the impact of this change?

     Best Regard,