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On the following pages there are a lot of additional information regarding SAP ECTR.

Important Note

We strongly recommend to read the Configuration Guide and the Operation Guide (latest version can be found on SAP Help Portal)

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  1. For SLW files with many CAD variants, like screw and nuts,is there another way then drag and drop for  maintaining the link between CAD variant and material master?
    If the list of material and CAD variants is long, ist easy to make mistakes. So we are searching for a kind of "mass" change.

  2. Former Member


    Let me know if this video is what you are trying to accomplish with the "mass change". Solidworks Configurations

    1. Hi Travis,

      I know that Video. Creating new material is easy.  But our challenge is to assign existing material masters to new SolidWorks models with  many configurations, because  customer has changed to SolidWorks and ECTR but has SAP for years. So we are searching for another way of maintaining the link between CAD-variant and material master.

      1. Hello Travis,

        this sounds like a "data migration project" where you might create your own report using FuMo CDESK_SRV_SET_VAR_MAT_LINK.

        There is no "mass assign CAD Variant to Material" UI / transaction.

        Hope this helps.



        1. Thank you, Gerhard

          I'll see if we how we can use this.

          best regards,