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Getting started with the product compliance scenario of SAP Product Stewardship Network takes two basic steps:


The registration process to the Product Stewardship Network guides you through 3 stages. Beetween each stage there is a verification process to ensure you can access PSN sucessfully. Make sure you have your corporate ID data including DUNS-Number avaialble to complete registration. The registration for the basic user account is for free!


Once you have registered to PSN you can start using the COMPLIANCE DECLARATION scenario to build your private business network on PSN by inviting and connecting to your supply chain partners.

Now, you will be able to create, provide and request product declarations and use the network as exchange platform. Moreover, you can reach out to the PSN support community to get help from PSN experts and peers.


Learn how these processes are working by watching the related Video Tutorials


Start Registration Instantly!



More Information


Product Compliance - Getting Started

SAP Product Stewardship Network - Compliance Declaration supports product manufacturers in requesting and creating product REACH and Rohs declarations. 


Tutorials - Product Compliance

We have prepared short video tutorials which will help you to start running the application.


FAQs - Product Compliance

Get answers to frequently asked questions and find tips how to operate the application.

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