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In every company, organization don't want to give access for SE16 to end user or super user. Here with the help of my content, you can give access to SE16 with limited table access. Suppose you need to give just one (or more) Z table access to an end user. Rest of this Z table, the user will not be able to see any data of any tables.

You need to create a authorization group from SE54. Go to SE54, select Authorization Groups and click Create / Change as shown as below :


Then click on the new entries, then enter a Authorization Group name and correspond Description.

Then save your data and go back.

Then select the radio button Assign Authorization Group and click on the Create/Change. Then select both option Table name and Authorization Group and press continue. Then again press continue.

Then click on the New Entries and enter the Z table name along with the authorization group ZDEV (which you have created earlier) as below :

Then save your data. System will ask to save this in a TR, You need to save this into a TR for future transportation it to other client. Create a TR and assigned to it.

Then go to user profile and take the role which is assigned to the user profile. You will find this in SU01 - User - Role

Here is the role as MM_TRAN_1.

Go to t-code PFCG, enter the role then click edit, then go to tab Authorization and click change authorization data and search for the authorization object S_TABU_DIS. You may need to insert it by clicking Selection criteria.

Then Assign the Activity as "Display" and assign the Authorization Group as ZDEV (which you have created earlier from SE54) as below :

Then save you data.

Now log on to the user profile in SAP system. and go to SE16 and enter the table ZMM_ACD. You can see system will allow to access the table ZMM_ACD. Then enter a table instead of ZMM_ACD and press enter.

You will receive a message as "You are not authorized to display this table" immediately as below :

Then that way you can give authorization of SE16 with limited table access. If you want to add more table, then you can easily add new table in SE54 (as per given instruction on screen shot no 3).

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