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Introduce the Guided Structure Synchronization (GSS).


Guided Structure Synchronization (GSS) transfers source structures from one application area, such as engineering, to target structures of another application area, such as manufacturing. The aim is to keep the target structure up-to-date. The system takes changes to structures into account in each synchronization and updates the target structure.Any differences between the source and target structure are displayed as conflicts with varying degrees of severity.

The system guides you through the structure synchronization process with a user interface that allows the following:
- Planning the synchronization from the source structure.

- Monitoring structure synchronization and the conflicts that can occur.

- Resolving conflicts using predefined actions

 Walthrough – Converting a Product Structure into a  Material BoM and then the Material BoM into Production BoM using GSS*

1.Load the Product Structure created previously with Usage as 'Engg/Design'.


2. Expand the Product Structure at all levels. Select the header level product item variant and right click and select ‘Synchronize PSM to BOM’.

NOTE: Simulation needs to be loaded and activated.

3.Switch to the EDIT mode and create a synchrozination unit with relevant details.Set the target BoM usage to ‘Engg’,select ‘Start Synchronization’

4.Reconciliation Workbench is loaded and the target structure i.e,Material BOM is generated.


5. This can be verified by displaying the newly created BoM.



6.Now to convert the above Engg BoM to Production BoM,select ‘Synchronize BoM to BoM’(set target BoM usage to ‘Production’) and repeat steps 3 and 4.

Your production BoM is ready. Verfiy by displaying the BoM.Conflicts,if any,can be resolved using conflicts resolution feature.

* basic walkthrough orchestrating a simple scenario for beginners


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  1. Thanks  !!!  

    Just one question....I need to create an universal BOM (usage = 3) - is that possible from the PSM ?

    Customizing or badi ?

  2. I found the "Target Usage" field - yepp - it works perfect!!!

  3. Former Member

    Hi ,

     Do you know how to create own conflicts. I tried to use BADI /PLMB/GSS_CONFLICT , But not succussful.

     We have defined own conflict. But this confilct has to be raised based on certain scenerio.

     I would like to put this code , in appropriate BADI , so that confilict can be raised.