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This limitations affects all versions 5.2 and 1.1.

Question or Problem


  • Change characteristic of the classification does not work if a characteristic with interval is included in the classification.


  • In case a characteristic where interval values are allowed is assigned to a class which shall be changed or added the message "Characteristic 'XXX' of the class 'YYY': 'ZZZ' contains an interval. The displayed classification is read-only." is shown.

  • You will find such a trace in the log file:
[15:10:32.778] AWT-E SLP                  Status-Line(2): Merkmal '...' der Klasse '...':
[15:10:32.778] AWT-E SLP                  '001' enthält ein Intervall. Die angezeigte Klassifizierung ist schreibgeschützt ...


SAP ECTR does not support changing values of characteristics defined as interval.  


Use SAP GUI to change the value.


A solution is planed for one of the next releases.

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