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Feature Description

SAP ECTR has a feature that allows the user to enable or modify the F4 help value list in the create material dialog.

This guide will describe how to configure this feature.


Maintaining SAP ECTR Object Data

First of all the object data of materials has to be maintained, to do so use the function Select Object Data in the administrator menu.

The function will call the SAP GUI and show the object data for ECTR objects.

Here, the object data which should be transferred to SAP ECTR can be selected.
There are four check boxes for the different object functions: display, edit, copy, and search.
The search function has to be enabled for the object data you want to use for the F4 help.


Frontend Configurations

The second step to enable this feature is to configure the necessary settings for the SAP ECTR frontend.
For example, in order to enable the F4 Search Help of the material field MARA.SPART, two configuration settings have to be made.
Firstly, the support has to be enabled. This can be done with the preference variable


 Secondly, the F4 Search Help that you want to use has to be linked to the material field. = CSH_TSPA

 In this example, the F4 Search Help CSH_TSPA has to be linked to the field.

Which F4 Search Helps can be used for which material fields can be determined by looking at the MARA table via SE11

For example:


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