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This document shall give an overview of how licenses for CAD-Desktop and SAP Engineering Control Center are measured.  

SAP Engineering Control Center

Each time an user is logging into SAP Engineering Control Center the unit 7522 (ECTR Standard) is registered.

Each time an authoring tool integration is started via ECTR, the corresponding unit (7515-7521/7593) and the unit 7523 (ECTR Professional) is registered.


  • If starting the integration to MS Office or to AutoCAD, the unit 7523 is not registered (only 7522 - ECTR Standard).
  • If starting the integration to SAP VE Author, the unit 7523 is registered. The SAP VE Author interface itself does not register a license.

Conclusion: all authoring tool interfaces require a SAP Engineering Control Center Professional license, except the interface to MS Office and AutoCAD.

Engineering Control Center (see also SAP Note 2096135):

  • 7522 - User SAP Engineering Control Center Standard

  • 7523 - User SAP Engineering Control Center Professional

ECTR based CAD Integrations (require either 7523, except AutoCAD 7515):

  • 7515 - User SAP Engineering Control Center interface to AutoCAD

  • 7516 - User SAP Engineering Control Center interface to PTC Creo

  • 7517 - User SAP Engineering Control Center interface to Solid Edge

  • 7518 - User SAP Engineering Control Center interface to Solidworks

  • 7519 - User SAP Engineering Control Center interface to NX

  • 7520 - User SAP Engineering Control Center interface to Inventor

  • 7521 - User SAP Engineering Control Center interface to CATIA V5

  • 7593 - User SAP Engineering Control Center interface to AutoCAD Electrical


Only vanilla (ACD), electrical (ACE) and mechanical (ACM) use the standard ECTR license. All other toolkit integrations require an ECTR Professional license.


Each time the CAD integration logs on to SAP, the function module RFC_CAD_LOGIN is called with the relevant parameter CADUNIT (in which a CADUNIT ID is assigned to each integration).

CAD Desktop based CAD Integrations (see also SAP Note 1299572):

  • 7500 User AutoCAD Integration
  • 7501 User CATIA Integration
  • 7503 User Pro/Engineer Integration
  • 7504 User Solid Edge Integration
  • 7505 User Solid Works Integration
  • 7506 User UNIGRAPHICS Integration
  • 7507 User Inventor Integration
  • 7508 User CATIA V5 Integration


An entry is then inserted into the database table TCADUSR (the table with the CAD user logons).

  • UNIT

This table is then analyzed during the system measurement. The system measurement is performed by sales and distribution. You use transaction USMM to perform the system measurement. When you do this, the function module CAD_AUDIT is called. It executes a SELECT command in the table TCADUSR and selects all of the CAD users from thelast twelve months who logged on to the system on at least three different days. Choose "Measurement statistics" to display the result.


You want to obtain more information about the CAD users that are logged on.


  • In the affected system:
  • Call transaction SE37 and enter the function module CAD_AUDIT.
  • Enter a breakpoint at:
SELECT * INTO TABLE lt_logins FROM tcadusr CLIENT SPECIFIED WHERE logindate > l_first_date.

The table lt_logins contains all of the users. You can export these to Excel, for example, and calculate them.

For better clarification you can also watch this video which shows the single steps in detail.