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User gets the error "E30080" - Error response code 500 is not 200. Or E30078 - SAP Content Repository ... on HTTP server ... sent error code '404'.


To analyze this issue you can do several checks:
  1. Exclude ECTR download error: Check with Report DMS_KPRO_READ if it possible to load the originals for the DIR. 
  2. Exclude Cache-Server malfunction: Try to load the URL with report RSHTTP20 and RFC Destination SAPHTTPA (see note 164203).
  3. Check for inconsistencies between Content Server and R/3 with report DMS_KPRO_CHECK1 (See note 906266).
  4. Check performance and reliability of content server with report RSHTTP80 (see note 579366).
  5. Analyze last check-in: Find in the change log of the DIR the last check-in and search in the appropriate ECTR - Logs for an check-in error message.
  6. Search in transaction SLG1 with the timestamp of the last login for any error message.
  7. Check for aborted check-ins in table CDESK_SRV_TEMP with transaction SE16n.
  8. If you have a bad network, change ECTR frontend configuration "" and "".
  9. The content server belongs to component:  BC-SRV-KPR-CS
    1. Follow instructions in note 761387 - SAP Content Server support information
    2. Check IIS settings as described here: and
    3. Check the trace of the content server. Therefore you have to activate FULLTRACE for the content server with "FullTrace=1".

    4. Check other content server notes: 
      1. Windows: See note 2005308 / Apply the note 2472455 - IIS sporadically hangs with SAP Content Server
      2. Unix: See notes  664384, 761387, 586895, 1983930
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