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  • If DIRs are created outside of ECTR (e.g. SAP GUI, EasyDMS, PLM WebUI, ...) the additional information (DType and RES4) are missing.
  • If you want to use this DIRs also in ECTR there must be a default mapping based on the Document Type of the DIR.

This is possible via configuration.


Document Type XXX in SAP-System

Creation of DIS with Document Type XXX in SAP GUI

Configuration in ECTR

Now we want to define that DIRs with Document Type XXX have to mapped to DType "WRD" in ECTR.
And also write in RES4 "WRD".

This is done via those two Preferences in default.txt (<ECTR_INSTDIR>/customize/config/):

(warning) You have to upload this settings with the function in the Admin menu!  (Administrator -> SAP Engineering Control Center Systems Setup -> Upload...)

# Set empty DType for DIRs with Document Type XXX to DType WRD
plm.control.empty.dtype.XXX = WRD
# Set empty RES4 to "WRD"
plm.control.empty.userdefined4.XXX = WRD
Result in ECTR

DIR in ECTR will be control as Document with DType "WRD".


(warning) The DType-Definition is required (in this example DType for WRD) - (You need a dtype.xml - file in the directory application - wrd).

(warning) Upload of Preferences to SAP is required (Administrator -> SAP Engineering Control Center Systems Setup -> Upload...).

Manual assignment

There is also the possibility to assign the Dytype manually as shown here:

Technical details
  • The dtype - value is stored in the database table CDESK_DRAW in the field subtype.
  • The RES4 / USERDEFINED4 - value is stored in the database table DRAW in the field res4.
  • The uploaded settings are stored in table /DSCSAG/PREF
  • You can use transaction SE16n to view these values for a document. 
  • The assignment is done in Class /DSCSAG/UTILS - method DOC_BEFORE_SAVE_INT (5.2,1.1) / DOC_BEFORE_SAVE (5.1,1.0)


  1. have it done similar, but I can't access the originals which were added with sap GUI

  2. Hello Martin,

    did you configure also the Workstation Application correctly in the changed dtype.xml and reupload that?



  3. Hi Gerhard,

    what can be done when its not possible to determine the dtype, e.g. when this Document Type can be either Word or Excel or PDF or ZIP or....

  4. Hi Martin, 

    see above last section "Manual Assignment".



  5. Hello, 

    I followed all the steps, but it's not working.

    I'm in 

    What can I check?


    1. What does not work? Have you uploaded your changed settings? Does the dtype.xml file exist in the application directory? 

      Regards, Sebastian

  6. Thank you for your prompt reply.  

    I updated default.txt accordingly to your instruction. In my case the SAP document type and the Dtype are the same (Z45) (I could post pictures, but I'm not allowed to do that). 

    Then I checked dtype.xml and Dtype Z45 exists (I can use it from ECTR if I try to create a new document).

    Both default.txt and dtype.xml are in folder C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\ECTR\customize\config

    I also updated the new configuration to SAP from ECTR (I can find this in table /DSCSAG/PREF:   PLM.CONTROL.EMPTY.DTYPE.Z45        Z45   but I'm not sure if this certify I correctly uploaded the configuration)

    Next, I created a new Z45 document from SAP GUI (CV01N)

    Finally I tried to open the same document in ECTR and I expected to see the correct value in Dtype and res4 fields...but they were still empty. 

    Where am I wrong?


    1. Hm, good question. So the prefs are uploaded correct. I you are able to debug, you can put an external breakpoint here:

      • The assignment is done in Class /DSCSAG/UTILS - method DOC_BEFORE_SAVE_INT (5.2,1.1) / DOC_BEFORE_SAVE (5.1,1.0)

      Regards, Sebastian

      1. I think I understand.....the document is not updated (table CDESK_DRAW) and ECTR uses the configuration at runtime....

        I supposed to see the updated values directly in the administrative form to update that fields....but it was empty. 

        This may be quite dangerous...because a change in configuration could affect old documents...but, on the other side, in our company it solves a lot of problems  since not all users have ECTR. 

        Thank you again.