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You can move settings from ECTR→Options→UI Settings tab to preferences.

In <ectr>\customize\config\default.txt you can change the UI setting for the options tabs:

# change from
# to

Now you can move the desired settings from the removed UI tab to the preferences.

The preferences window can be controlled by <ectr>\customize\config\options.xml.

Please add for the "UI Settings" a new card, see node card="ECTR_UI" below:

    <node card="ECTR" label="SYSTEM.T.OMTITLE">
      <node card="Common" label="plm.genoptions.ectr.common"/>
      <node card="UI" label="plm.genoptions.ectr.ui">	  
        <node card="ECTR_UI" label="plm.gui.0390"/>
        <node card="Classification" label="plm.genoptions.ectr.ui.classification"/>
      <node card="Advanced" label="plm.genoptions.ectr.advanced">
        <node card="File handling" label="plm.genoptions.ectr.advanced.fileHandling"/>
        <node card="Metadata" label="Metadata"/>

The details of the "UI Settings" card can be described in an own section:

  <card name="ECTR_UI">  
    <!-- Only display newest version in folder -->
    <option prefname="plm.folder.loadLatest" type="boolean"  label="plm.omf.3297"/>
	<!-- Explode Components according to load options -->
	<option prefname="" type="boolean"  label="plm.option.components"/>
	<!-- Explode object links according to load options -->
	<option prefname="" type="boolean"  label="plm.option.olink"/>
	<!-- Show document parts with lower versions than the original document -->
	<option prefname="" type="boolean"  label="plm.omf.4450"/>
	<!-- Don't show not mandatory characteristics by document creation -->
	<option prefname="plm.doc.creategui.hide.not.mandatory.characteristics" type="boolean"  label="plm.gui.0391"/> 
	<!-- Show description of characteristics in Object Browser display -->
	<option prefname="" type="boolean"  label="plm.gui.0392"/>
    <!-- Show confirm dialog on drag and drop action -->
	<option prefname="show.confirm.drag.dialog" type="boolean"  label="plm.gui.0393"/>
	<!-- Show confirm dialog on cut action -->
	<option prefname="show.confirm.cut.dialog" type="boolean"  label="plm.gui.0394"/>
	<!-- Show confirm dialog on paste action -->
	<option prefname="show.confirm.paste.dialog" type="boolean"  label="plm.gui.0395"/>
	<!-- Show confirm dialog on delete action -->
	<option prefname="show.confirm.delete.dialog" type="boolean"  label="plm.gui.0396"/>



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