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Since ECTR 5.2 / 1.1 the font /icon size is adjusted by OS settings

Since ECTR 5.2 / 1.1 you can use the display settings from Windows to control the icon and font size. There the settings below might be obsolete. See also What's New (search for PLM-21899).

In SAP ECTR the icons and the font are defined using default settings.
The size of the icons is defined as follows by default:

  1. "normal" icons in SAP ECTR (object icons, function icons, etc.) = 16*16 pixel
  2. "special" icons in SAP ECTR (toolbar icons) = 24*24 pixel

The default font size is defined as follows

      • font size = 12

By defining the following preferences in the default.txt (%ECTR_INSTDIR%\customize\config\) the default settings can be overwritten:

# ECTR default font
# Set the default font used in ECTR
# When changing this it has to be checked if the font supports the local charset
# system.font.defaultFont = <font_name>; <font_style>; <font_size>
      system.font.defaultFont = SansSerif;   PLAIN; 16
# ECTR dialog font
# Set the default font used in Dialogs
# When changing this it has to be checked if the font supports the local charset
# This preference must not be empty. 
# system.font.dialogFont = <font_name>; <font_style>; <font_size>
      system.font.dialogFont = DialogInput; PLAIN; 16
# ECTR icon size
      obr.tree.icon.height = 24


There are three icon sizes in SAP ECTR:

  • small icons with 16*16 pixels
  • medium icons with 24*24 pixels
  • large icons with 32*32 pixels

Accordingly, the small icons are used for definitions smaller than 24. For definitions from 24 to less than 32 the medium icons are used. And for definitions larger than 32 the large icons are used.

For definitions larger than 32, all icons in size large are used and there are no size differences in SAP ECTR between the icons in the different uses (objects, functions, toolbar, etc.).

It is not guaranteed that all icons are available in the appropriate size and can be displayed larger.

It can also not be guaranteed that the font size dynamically adapts to the dialogs.