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The standard icons are defined in file '<ECTR_INSTDIR>\basis\aux-files\standard_icons.txt'.

ECTR Icon Definition	=	{0}/sap/display

Similar to the customer specific labels you can define customer specific icons by adding them to '<ECTR_INSTDIR>\customize\aux-files\customer_icons.txt'. Again you should never overwrite the standard in the basis folder but rather copy entries to the customize folder when you want to replace an existing icon.

The images that are delivered with ECTR are packed inside file '\<ECTR_INSTDIR>\basis\classes\images.jar' and 'images-sap.jar' in the same folder. You need to unpack those files to look at their content. When you want to use an image that is delivered in the ECTR standard you can simply refer to it by using the syntax shown in the example above. The '{0}' is replaced by ECTR with 'small', 'medium' or 'large' depending on the icon size that shall be displayed. 

When you want to add further customer specific images you should not change the ECTR default icon libraries but instead put customer specific icons into the following folders:

  • <ECTR_INSTDIR>\customize\classes\patch\small\ - for 16x16 pixel icons
  • <ECTR_INSTDIR>\customize\classes\patch\medium\ - for 24x24 pixel icons
  • <ECTR_INSTDIR>\customize\classes\patch\large\ - for 32x32 pixel icons

In the icon definition you can again use the '{0}' to allow ECTR to pick the size dynamically. So if you put your icons directly into the folders listed above without using subfolders you would adress them in the icon definition like this: {0}/<MY_IMAGE_FILENAME> 


If you want to customize addon or application specific commands you need to escape any colon using a backslach.

ECTR addon or application Icon Definition
fnc.add.with.macro(myaddon\:myaddon_AddonSearch.txt) = myaddon/{0}/IconForSearch

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  1. Former Member

    In fact custom pictures have to be packed in in a .jar file.
    Please refer to this guide:

    How to use custom icons for SAP ECTR