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You can change the explosion of document structures (Bill of Documents) in ECTR. You can e.g.

  • stop explosion of subcomponents, which are not relevant
  • filter out components, like skeletons, which are not important to derive Material BOMs

To change the default behaviour, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure, you have entries "SORTF" and "RES4" in table CDESK_C_EXPLCF. Otherwise you can use BC-Set /DSCSAG/ECTR_BC_BASE_CDESK and import the missing customizing values.
  2. Use transaction SM30 and maintain table "V_CDESK_C_EXPLFA". All needed SORTF - Values have to be added here.
  3. Goto to your customizing in SAP (transaction CDESK_CUS)
  4. Navigate down to "Define Explosion"
  5. You can create different explosion rules for
    1. CAD_LOAD: this explosion scenario is used, when exploding a Bill of Documents to determine and download originals before loading them into CAD
    2. CTX_VIEW: this explosion scenario is used to display the Bill of Document in the Assembly Window.
  6. You need to use the predefined names above for the 2 cases and define your own rules, e.g.: