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Restrictions, limitations and prerequisite

A general overview on Embedded Search / Enterprise Search can be found here.

When using HANA as DB, the landscape can be simplified as shown in the diagram "system landscape variants".

This HowTo guide focuses on the landscape variant using HANA as DB.

Use cases with embedded search

The following uses cases shall be addressed with this HowTo guide.

As an user I want to:

  • ... find my objects in a simple way. I want to search google like with one input field. The search shall also provide a very quick feedback, even while typing.
  • ... find objects via key attributes: I want to search for the most important fields / attributes of objects I'm looking for. This includes fields like number, description in all languages.
  • ... find objects via classification: I want to search across the classification fields (characteristics) of the objects I'm looking for. This includes name and values in all languages across all assigned classes and characteristics.
  • ... find via related objects (e.g. find document via a characteristic in a linked material): I want to search objects that are linked with other objects, that are found via my search term. E.g. I'm searching for a document, which is linked to a material, which has the material number XYZ.
  • ... find fuzzy: as an user I want to still get a result, even when I have small typos, like searching for "confidential" even when I enter "confidetail"
  • ... find content in files attached to documents (CAD files are not indexed)

ECTR UI configuration with new Quick Search

This is available with SAP ECTR 5.2.3 / ECTR for S4 1.1.3. There will be new FuBas which can then be configured.

The search can be enabled with

<ectr configuration root>\customize\config\default.txt = DOC;MAT;ECN;ESH <<<<<<<<<<<< add the entry ESH = ... = ... = ... = SEARCH_PROVIDER(/DSCSAG/SMS_ESH_BY_TEXT); <<<<<<<<<<<< add this line

(warning) Be aware, that function module /DSCSAG/SMS_ESH_BY_TEXT is only available with S4ECTR 110 SP03 (ECTR for S/4HANA 1.1.3).

<ectr configuration root>\customize\config\menu.guidef
+                         = fnc.advanced.options
                                        = <<<<<<<<<<<< add this
    Define keyboard shortcuts
...           = control Q

Introduction to embedded search on HANA

With HANA you have implicit the embedded search capabilities. There is no need to create an index on a separate Indexing Server, but you can directly use the database table for searching.

There are three main steps required to get the embedded search up and running (for ECC on HANA or S/4HANA):

  1. configure your search model(s)
  2. create a connector
  3. start indexing (regular job)

There are default search models (templates) delivered with S/4HANA (see SAP Note 2513466) and ECC. You can find them with transaction ESH_MODELER (a browser will open to display the Webdynpro application). Either search or navigate through the hierarchy to the object models:


Extend the existing search models

Prerequisite: Here's an introduction on how to create your own software component to extend search models.
The modeler can be launch with transaction ESH_MODELER.

Extend model with long texts of document info record

Step 1:

Step 2:

Include classification of document info record

Step 1:

Step 2:

Search document info record via related material master

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